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February 25, 2008

Summary of first 6 days

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Weather – at first blush I thought it was lovely – mild temperature, flowers in bloom, etc.  Stepping out and catching a mild scent from the flowers from the trees across the street makes me smile. I don’t think they’re cherry blossoms .. more like sand cherry trees or something. Anyway, that was on Monday, Tuesday. Since then it’s starting to seem a bit crummy. Always drizzling; always damp outside. My pants got soaked today when I walked 2 blocks to the zipcar lot and my umbrella turned inside out more than once. It’s a good umbrella! It sucks to have wet socks.

My place – This Fillmore house place turned out to be ok. It’s slightly dingy but it’s very close to the subway and my housemates are nice.

The neighbourhood – Around here people use the term “sketch” as an adjective.  Some guys asked me for directions when I was walking around earlier today and then one guy proceeded to explain to the other guy how some people consider my neighbourhood “very sketch” but actually it’s not that bad.  It’s true. My coworkers also filled me in on some “sketch” neighbourhoods so I think i’m all up to speed on that.

The locals – I haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep for a long time now, and it’s been no different since moving here. That of course means that i’m rather groggy during the day and am tired by the time I get home after work. As a result I haven’t explored my surroundings very much (the drizzle hasn’t helped). I remedied that a bit this weekend. I got an impromptu haircut in a local place on Saturday. The sylist was a southern californian turned san franciscan and she was definitely the real deal!! She even had that particular accent that I’ve been hearing on the radio.  She kept up the chit chat and did a nice job straightening out my home-cut (thanks mom!) and tidying my bangs (thanks national post!). haha.  unfortunately, i hadn’t enquired about the price before taking the chair and it turned out costing $70 and they didn’t take plastic!! luckily i had exactly $70 on me (including all my $1 bills) and the stylist just laughed and took my money without any snarkiness and told me “it’s a neighbourhood thing”. I liked her vibe. The only other locals I’ve met are the cleaning lady who comes to my apartment every day and an old man who followed me around in the safeway. My coworkers don’t count as locals — they all moved here from other places within the past few years.

The TV – i have cable! From 0 to 100 channels in a day. Wow. I got here Monday late-morning. I went to safeway, went for a short walk on haight and then came home feeling kind of tired and sleepy. I turned on the tv and ended up watching half a season of America’s Next Top Model. WHAT an amazing show. Wow. I fell asleep during one of the last few episodes, so I don’t know who won. It was one of the old seasons .. maybe 7 or 8? I’m not going to check the website and find out who won … the most interesting thing about that show is the pose and photo critiques. Fashion modeling is quite arty and so it’s hard to guess who makes it and who doesn’t and the photographer/judge comments are surprising. Checking the website would be pretty flat so i’m not going to bother. Aside from that I’ve watched pokemon (where’s misty and why hasn’t pikachu evolved??), 2 episodes of hannah montana (it was scientific!), 2 episodes of rachel ray (also scientific!), CNN and a documentary on ronald reagan. He was a democrat until he was 51! His looks and charm certainly opened up a lot of doors. I’m not sure whether I’d describe that documentary as eye opening or inspiring. Maybe a bit of both.

The mood – I’m not as excited as I thought I’d be.  I’ve been feeling pretty normal. I felt kind of down this morning though, when I looked out and saw more rain and heard some sirens outside. I started to question why I moved to this “sketch”, rainy place where I don’t even have a friend to my name! There’s comfort in anonymity but it’s also kind of oppressive.  I had booked a zipcar for the afternoon though so I went out (and got soaked as mentioned before) and drove all around the city for the next 3 hours. That really cheered me up. The ocean was grey and wild with waves and fog.  I also got some picture perfect views of the GG bridge. I’ll have to go back next week with my camera :)

The radio – Counting Crows, Jimmy Eat World, REM, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Everclear, etc. It’s like a wormhole to 2002. I had been worried about my desktop harddrive getting fried. All my media is on there!! I’m not as worried anymore. The radio is acceptable.  Go nuts Allied!


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  1. I’m so excited that you started a blog! Your post is no less entertaining or informative than I’ve come to expect of your writing and I’ll enjoy reading your (hopefully frequent!) updates on your san fran adventure.

    Good to know that you’ve found a place and are getting settled, even if it’s a little sketch. On the sketchiness scale are we talking more or less sketch than our favourite mexican bar?

    Comment by Wendy — February 26, 2008 @ 9:07 pm

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