Atta Ikede

February 27, 2008

Apartment hunting

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Some people say that rents are coming down in San Francisco. Maybe that’s true — I have no basis for comparison. One thing’s for sure though — nice places go FAST!

I checked out a place today after work.  It’s just south of Haight and Ashbury. My temporary housing is just a few blocks east of there, but it’s surpring how much difference a few blocks make. My coworkers had been saying that the city differs block to block and it’s really literally true!

I got off the streetcar but took a few wrong turns before getting to the place I was trying to see, and I saw the neighbourhood change as I walked by. Suddenly it was all beemers and volvos! Talk about gentrified. Anyway, I scoped the place out and then went up to Haight street to catch the bus home. I met a girl on the bus who was originally from Wisconsin. She informed me that I sounded like I was from there too, and I agreed with her! I really did! She was getting off at the same stop as I was, so I followed her out. Good old Fillmore street!  A drunken guy got off at the same stop too, and he was walking behind me while drinking from a beer can wrapped in a paper bag. He seemed pretty harmless but I was weirded out so i crossed the street. I crossed back to my side a few minutes later. Next block, I noticed a mattress on the corner. lol.  Good times!


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