Atta Ikede

February 28, 2008

The bus

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I like the bus! I had to take the bus around town today because I went apartment hunting after work.

I’ve been taking the subway until now — it runs underground in some areas but runs above ground in other areas. There’s also a streetcar system here, but I haven’t taken that yet because (1) there’s a surcharge and (2) I think they’re a bit ugly.

Anyway, the bus was like an urban rollercoaster! They have this electronic display at the front which says which stop is coming up, and it says “HOLD ON” as it’s pulling away from a stop. Good thing they put that there, because that bus really lurches away to and from stops! that plus the hills makes it a crazy ride. I had to stand all the way down fillmore street from the marina (north part of the city, right near the ocean) to haight (several blocks down where I live) and I was a bit dizzy when I got off! The other really good thing about the bus is that the whole system is quite civilized. The bus stops are marked on the pavement and parking is banned there, so even if the bus stop sign isn’t visible you can make out where the stop is because it says BUS STOP in huge letters on the street and the curb is painted red. All the buses I took had electronic signs and all the drivers were friendly too.


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