Atta Ikede

March 6, 2008

Public transit continues to shock and awe (Part 2: Shock!)

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Women are so rude! Every nudge, jab and elbow I’ve received on transit to-date has been courtesy of a female. So far I’ve come up with two explanations:

(1) Women are serial and prolific bag carriers. A dude *might* have one bag, but women? They walk around with multiple bags! Huge bags! Shopping bags! Even worse, women are so used to carrying bags that they’re not afraid to use those bags as shovels to part the crowd. So uncivilized! I mean sure, maybe Moses did part the sea, but he sure as hell didn’t do it with a bag!

(2) Women can get away with being uncivilized. Men are usually trained to be polite, especially to women! Chances are, men will keep their hands to themselves (unless they are perverts) and keep their accessories in check, and behave in an orderly fashion when entering and exiting the transit system. Women? They’re uncivilized! They’re far more likely to push and shove, using any and all accessories as weapons in the fray! Even worse, half of them are wearing unsuitable footwear which means that all this pushing and shoving to get ahead is totally pointless seeing as they just end up standing on the escalator, and sometimes on the wrong side of the escalator. Sigh.

Ladies, ladies .. why ??

On a related note .. Men are so creeeeepy! Every creepy incidence I’ve had on transit to-date has been courtesy of a male!!

The worst is when you have to grab onto a pole that other people are touching. it’s just weird when people grab and let go of the pole, and fingers touch, and then they look at you .. and then it becopmes awkward. Nowadays I just try to hold onto the door or lean against a wall. That’s a big relief.

Another weird thing happens when you’re getting pushed deeper into the car because of uncivilized women pushing behind you .. if you have to go by a guy, sometimes it gets creepy when he looks over to see who it was, and then he keeps staring at you after you sit down. Ugh. That happened to me yesterday on the bus going up to my new apartment. That particular gentleman continued staring at me even after he got OFF the bus!! So gross. I could feel it!

Luckily, this whole male problem can be avoided by taking the right route, and I’ve only had this problem a handful of times anyway. I’m going to be living in a semi-preppy area of town so I have a choice of bus routes, each with its own typical clientele.

[Side Note – one of those bus routes I could take every day goes down union st (a street where there are some trendy shops) and ends up in the ultra-preppy Marina district. Last time I took that bus, honestly, it was noticeably stacked with blonde women! I’ve never seen so many blonde women in one spot in San Fran (San Fran is surprisingly non-blonde .. especially for California). Two of these women were like twins! Talking on their cell phones holding them in their right hand, and dressed identically in pointy shoes and long black coats, and totally oblivious to how funny they all looked sitting *right next to each other*, being identical! Kind of funny.]


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