Atta Ikede

March 21, 2008

The Teeth and Nails Star

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My buddy from my last job, Juan, is really into cooking. He’s a really good cook!

We sat right next to each other for at least a year and that’s how he became my buddy. We in fact got separated for a few months but I was kinda lonely at my new desk and I guess he missed me too, because he invited me back to the spot next to him after this contractor guy who’d been occupying it moved out! Hehe .. makes me smile thinking about it. I took up the invitation and we were neighbours again until I left the firm! Good times.

[Side note: i have a habit of becoming buddies with a person who sits next to me. Somebody made a comment about this at my going away dinner and I realized it’s true! Most of my friends are people I sat next to at some point (work, school, university) and then we got over our differences and bonded, probably because I kept up the chit chat and eventually wore the other person down even if they were shy (that’s you II)! hehehe.

There’s a fuzzy cube wall between me and my new neighbour at work. That guy had better watch out! A fuzzy wall is no match for me :)]

Juan really likes this woman on the food network – Giada De Laurentis. I hadn’t seen her show back then so I couldn’t comment on her cooking prowess. I suspect Juan mainly just likes her cuz she’s hot. I finally got a chance to watch her show yesterday.

There are two entities that star in her show: her teeth (beautiful) and her nails (immaculate). The tempo of the show is like something for ADD people. The camera madly cuts from her nails to her teeth, back and forth again and again with little tiny shots of food in between. The food part of it is like this: you see her flick a few things back and forth with her nails, and then she’ll say “perfect!” in a really perky way and we’ll see a lot of teeth, and then the camera quickly goes back to her nails again where you see her flick something else back and forth, and then she’ll say “perfect!” in a really perky way again!! Repeat for half an hour and youl get the gist of the show.

I was a bit feverish when I was watching this show last night, so maybe that made me more susceptible to the teeth/nail combo of this show, but honestly .. I was hypnotized! I know it sounds like a really lame show – and objectively, I’d say it is – but it’s perky perfect food prepation on speed! no mess no stress and with the camera buzzing around so much I felt like my eyes were transfixed on the screen!

haha .. yes. I think I’ve become a fan.



  1. It is true that you become buddies with the people around you because you are infectious… you make people smile, you make them think, you can even make them wince… but you ALWAYS get a reaction… and this is one of the things we love about you!

    Comment by Lisa — March 23, 2008 @ 9:59 pm

  2. Ha! We never sat together! I think our bonding came about to our obsession with style guides.

    That and MacDonald’s
    Good time, good times.

    Comment by Julie — March 25, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

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