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April 4, 2008

Long Update – The Hotel Room .. and how i got here

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I am writing this from my luxurious lair in downtown San Francisco. No, it’s not my apartment. It’s a pretty swanky hotel room I booked on Expedia earlier today! 3 nights of 4 star comfort are in store for me :)

I really like subtle stripes on bed linens. Stripes make me happy. My hotel room bedding is all white and subtley stripey. Excellent!! The room is really big. There’s also free wifi, fun bath products (the conditioner is called “apres shampoo”) and I found <wait for it> leopard print pyjamas in the closet wrapped in plastic. The pyjamas were for sale. I inspected them. Fun, but too big for me!

Why am I staying here? Good question! I mean hey .. I got an email from air canada today and looks like I could have nearly bought a ticket back to TO for what this hotel is costing me!!

I was in Japan last week. Trip was good but it sucked in two ways: (1) I was quite sick before the trip, still sick at the beginning and trailingly sick until the end (2) Non-supicious vegetarian food is hard to come by – i ate yogurt, rice, tofu and strawberries.  I was exhausted and still sick when I got back to the states. 

I moved into my new apartment earlier this week. It is empty except for 1 air mattress, one pan, plastic cutlery, a flipper, one plate, a couple mugs i bought in japan, my suitcases, my shoes (i bought some cool new ones in japan) and a blanket!! That’s it! I couldn’t even take a shower the first night because there was no shower curtain. My stuff will be here in the next couple weeks so I’m trying to just live light until then!

The bedroom doesn’t have an overhead light so I set up the bed in the living room right next to the heater. The living room doesn’t have an overhead light either, but there’s a couple in the kitchen/dining area so that’s kind of good enough.

At first I thought it was going to be ok living like that for a couple weeks, but then …

1. There is NO WIFI!!! My internet/phone don’t get connected until the 7th which is/was a week away! I’m still kinda jetlagged so I can’t sleep at night .. and it’s sooo super boring without internet! It’s a bit lonely too! Nobody to message! No video chats with my family! I can literally go longer without food than I can without wifi (I learned that in Japan)!!! My iphone is always connected but there’s only so much I can do on a small screen and I can’t chat, blog, or watch my youtube cartoons on it! (technically i can watch youtube on it, but the network is too slow for the feature to be useful). In retrospect, I guess I could have gotten a book to read, but then I would have needed to buy a lamp! I already took one annoying bus journey for household supplies (see below) and I wasn’t about to take another!

2. My neighbour is insane! After walking around my entire apartment with my iphone to confirm there’s no free wifi anywhere, and repeating the process the second night, I figured i’d knock on my neighbour’s door to see if they would share their wireless with me for a few days. I mean, they’ve got a US flag and a christmas stocking on their front door … they must be friendly, right?  Anyway, I naively went and knocked on their door. What did I get in return? The lady inside started yelling “Do NOT knock on my door! You better not be knocking on my door!” I could hear her clearly over her TV which was also on quite loud!! Scary! She must have been screaming inside! I meekly went back to my apartment, locked my door and stood at the peephole for a couple minutes in case she was going to come out with an ax.  Hopefully she didn’t know that it was me specifically who knocked. I’ve seen lots of mormons walking around town (they wear nametags and suits) … they go door to door … hopefully she’ll blame them!!!

 2.5. It’s bloody cold! it’s colder inside than outside! I think this is because i’m over the garage. I need to buy a small carpet or something.

2.6. It’s bloody loud! The bedroom is much quieter than the living room because it faces the side, so I think it’ll be fine once my stuff gets here and I start sleeping in the bedroom, but the living room faces Fillmore Street which is quite busy. Since my bed is currently in the living room, the whole experience reminds me a lot of my first apartment in Toronto on Yonge St with Suzie … except there is no Suzie here! I can’t believe I am nostalgic for the company of a 60 year old bossy English woman, but I am!

3. I went to this ridiculous store called Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a shower curtain. It took me an hour to get there even though it’s only a few blocks away from work because I had some transit mixups. It took me another hour to get home! This store is HUGE and is entirely crammed, literally from the floor to the ceiling, with differnet types of home decor supplies. Isn’t it inefficient to stock so much inventory in one store? Haven’t these people heard of JIT? If every Walmart store operated like that I bet the world would run out of plastic! Do we really need to see 17 types of garbage cans all stacked on top of each other all the way to the ceiling?? What do you do, grab the one from the top? Like I said, it’s a ridiculous store. I bought a shower curtain and rings there. Unfortunately, I got home to find that the curtain didn’t fit in the rings!! Geez!! Over 2 hours of transit totally wasted for this stupid purchase. If these things come in sizes why don’t they specify which items fit with what?? Who knew that such products even HAD specific sizes ? Floor to ceiling shower curtains and I picked the one that doesn’t fit !? I jammed the holes over the pegs but it the setup just falls apart and dangles every time i move it. Pretty annoying. I’m short .. having to reach up to fix that thing repeatly just repeatedly gives me a sore neck! I tried standing on the edge of the tub, but that makes my back sore because i’m stressed out i’m going to slip and fall! Sigh. Sucky and sucky!

4. There was limited vegetarian food in Japan. I think my brain is still recovering from the caloric shortage. Every muscle needs energy! The brain is um … a type of muscle ..

5. I emailed my friend (who prefers not to be named) with some complaints regarding no wi-fi, etc. She replied saying I sounded depressed and by the way, it was her birthday coming up and what present should she buy herself!! Haha .. that inspired me! This whole week has been vaguely unpleasant — getting back from Japan, being sick, being jet lagged, and then the lonely dark/cold/crazy neighbour/nowifi/1pot boring apartment where I can’t sleep at night! I’m not too old to celebrate my half year bday. I’m 25.5! Surely an occasion to celebrate! So that’s what I did!

I packed just a small shoulder bag for the hotel and i have already unpacked everything into a nice drawers they provided! Yay!  

That’s the story of why I’m in this lovely hotel room right now while the apartment i’m also paying for sits empty. I suppose it’s a bit of a splurge, but I’m feeling extremely satisfied and happy … and maybe even smug! It’s so worth it! I don’t miss the air mattress at all!!

I’m getting over the jet lag, stuffing myself with food, and feeling great :) I’m going back to my apartment Sunday night, then internet gets hooked up on Monday. I’m going to relent, get a car and go to Target for some supplies on Saturday so that I can live in my apartment in a reasonable fashion until the 14th if it really takes Allied that long to move my stuff here!!

I know I’ve been complaining about my apartment in this post, but it’s just the lame situation there right now kind of makes it sucky.  Objectively, it’s a very very nice place! Granite countertops in the kitchen, new appliances, new bathroom, wood floors, some nice old timey patterns in the living room, big windows, and reasonably spacious! Hey, I wouldn’t have signed for it otherwise! :) This hotel room is good, but trust me, my apartment is going to be even better once it’s all setup!! Just gotta wait for a few days for the pieces to fall into place!


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  1. I can soooooooooo relate to being colder inside then when you’re outside! The houses here are built to retain cold air rather then heat cause there’s more hot months then cold. So it’s freezing in here during the winter even though it only gets to about 14ish during the day and into the single digits during the nights. I’ve never wore so much clothes inside before! But besides that it’s a great house! :D

    Comment by rabbitdownunder — April 10, 2008 @ 1:48 am

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