Atta Ikede

April 6, 2008

3.5 Friends

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As you know, I didn’t know anybody when I moved here aside from a few of my new coworkers who’d I’d interviewed with and one dude who quit PM and moved here a year ago. Although I knew these people were nice, none of them were officially my friend, you know?

[Side Note – I’m really lucky! That handful of people I knew all turned out to be great! My new boss surprised me with a Google map marked with stuff to see/do in San Fran because he said he remembered what it was like to move here. My new coworkers are friendly, and the PM guy stored my stuff while I was in Japan and even lent me his air mattress for a week.]

This is a brief summary of my 3.5 friends:

Friend 0.5 – Dude lived in the dorm place in the room across the hall. I chatted with him one day in the hall and it turned out he used to work in a broker’s office. I told him I used to work on reporting tools for brokers — we discussed and parted. We hung out a few times afterwards. He’s a total party animal and I tagged along with him when he went out for St. Patty’s day. Fun! I dunno if we’re gonna keep in touch now that I’ve moved out though. Hence the 0.5.

Friend 1.0 – Met at a random SF newcomer meetup. I still can NOT believe I went to that event. I was registered on in Toronto, and kept getting these emails about a CSS meetup group, so I went to the website to change my info so I could stop the emails. The website prompted me with these new SF groups I could join, so I clicked that newcomer one because I was curious. I signed up for an event at a coffee shop down by the Industrial Light and Magic campus but I got all nervous about actually showing up and missed it. I wanted to check out the campus though, so decided to go the next week. Then I got another email from that newcomer meetup saying there was event next week, and since things aligned, I figured I could just walk by the meetup and keep on walking if people looked like weirdos. To my relief, ended up that most attendees were techy/artsy people and it turned out to be interesting. This one guy also had an iphone and so we started chatting. He’s now friend 1.0. We went to Target earlier today and bought the same mirror.

Friend 2.0 – I found my soccer team on craigslist under activity partners. Friend 2.0 is one of my soccer finds, but after discussion it turned out he wanted to watch soccer, not play! He’s a grad student from France, also new to SF.

Friend 3.0 – After my first soccer team, I decided to join another because I’m a little bored and I need a LOT of practice. Fresh from my Japan trip, I noticed that there are a lot of postings on craigslist activity partners for language swaps and some people even post in Japanese! That got me curious and I started investigating language swaps .. and ended up reading a post from a girl who moved here from Korea. She was just posting to meet people. Her post was so super friendly sounding that after 15 minutes of mental dithering I couldn’t resist and I emailed her. We emailed a bunch of times and met last week. Again, I was super nervous about meeting her, but it all worked out really well! We have a lot in common and I’m so happy to have a friend who is female!!!


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