Atta Ikede

April 20, 2008

The local accent

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Well peeps, I’ve now been here long enough to discern that there is definitely a local accent. I dunno if this local accent is a San Fran thing, or a general no-cal thing (no-cal = northern california. Southern california is known as so-cal. I learned that at work).

Male – so far in males i’ve only noticed an exaggeration of vowels. say the word “about”. Now pronounce it “ab-owwww-t”. That’s the closest example I can give. It’s not the same as a NYC accent, or even a normal american accent you’d hear on tv .. it’s a very specific vowel exaggeration and/or vowel broadening. I dont know how else to describe it.
Female – many females don’t have a discernable accent, but those that do, have a horrible accent I can only describe as Valley Girl On Cheese Grater. Go watch the movie Clueless, then imagine if you took spunky little cher’s voice and just cheese grated the hell out of it. Yes. That, plus a bit of the vowel elongation described in the Male section above, is the San Francisco Ditsy Female voice. I hear it every day on the bus. Every time, I make a point to turn around and look at the head of the speaker. It’s always a Ditsy female. I mean, obviously I don’t know enough to be certain that she really is ditsy, but she’s usually talking about something retarded and so i feel like she’s probably ditsy. What’s interesting is that such females usually tend to have lower tones in their voice, so instead of a typical higher pitched girl’s voice, which might perhaps sound cute with the cheese grater effect, they’ve got that weird low voice which gives the cheese grater effect an even more annoying quality.

Now you know!


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  1. So I use to think the Australian accent was pretty hot, and I still do I guess, but not when I’m in class. The most annoying word is ‘assume’. They can’t seem to pronounce ‘ss’ or something. So instead of ‘assume’ they say
    ‘a-shume’. Now try to imagine hearing that about 15 times in 2 hrs. Super annoying let me tell you!

    Comment by rabbitdownunder — April 22, 2008 @ 1:43 pm

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