Atta Ikede

April 24, 2008

The Bulgari and backwards drive down a hill

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I played soccer today. I was goalie for the second half and blocked some dramatic shots! Shutout! I’m definitely getting better. I think I need to build up strength so I can kick the ball harder. Right now i’m still a weakling.

There’s one really sad team in our league. Most of their players never show up! That team was started by two brothers who just recruited a few friends plus a few randoms. The day we played that team, nobody showed up and so my team got a buy. Lately, if my team plays before the sad team, some of us players just stick around and join them for their game. They need the players, and we like to play. Last week was exciting .. I scored a goal when I played my second game for that team!

I ended up being goalie again for the second half of my second game tonight. I wasn’t as good as the first game .. let in two goals .. one by a girl! It was a relatively slow kick and I’m embarassed I let it in.

One of the brothers gave me and some other players a ride home. His car was full of boxes and boxes of Bulgari perfume! Me and the other girl noticed the brand as he was casually throwing those boxes from the backseat to the trunk! We were like .. hold on a sec there … what’s up with that! He said his wife is an account manager for the brand. He said we could take some free stuff, so we did! Everybody he was driving joined the fray! Craziness. I think I ended up with four bottles. I dont even know how much the other girl took. probably 20! She was really going nuts!

A couple people got dropped off, and then it was just me, the brother, and his friend. We were going up a hill, when suddenly, the car stopped. It was out of gas! Completely bone dry! Luckily, we were at the top of the hill, and there was a gas station at the bottom of the hill. It was probably the luckiest spot in the planet to run out of gas! I was like .. turn the hazard lights on! Turn them on! He didn’t even know where they were! Eventually, we got the hazard lights on, and then we drove backwards in our lane back down the hill, worked up enough momentum to take a crazy 3 point turn (unbelievable) to turn ourselves around, and then paused midway up the hill so we could wait and roll through the intersection on the green light directly into the gas station! Fortunately there wasn’t much traffic and we made it! Unfortunately, the guy didn’t know what side the gas flap was on, so we ended up on the wrong side. Me and the other dude had to get out and push! Turned out the car was his wife’s .. that’s why all the perfume was in there .. and since her company pays for gas he’d been hoping to cheap out and not top it up!

20 dollars later, there was enough gas in the tank to get me home. I’m a little worried about those two though, cuz the thing was an SUV and 20 bucks at $3 or 4 bucks a gallon doesn’t go far.


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