Atta Ikede

April 26, 2008

The soccer captain’s cake

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Earlier this week, the captain of my soccer team told me and another teammate that she had baked a cake the previous weekend.

The cake was made of cake mix and diet soda. Yes! Diet soda. Apparently, substituting diet soda for the eggs/oil/water normally called for with cake mixes is some kind of dieting trick! She said the cake turned out fine and you couldn’t even tell the difference.  She also told us the calorie count of the resultant cake. She proceeded to explain that she frosted the cake with sugar free pudding, which took the place of frosting, and ate it with frozen yogurt or some kind of “healthy” ice cream, which took the place of regular ice cream!!

My first question was … who ate the cake? Sounds frankenstein-ian…

This girl had tons of other interesting substitution stories. Mashed potatoes made out of cauliflower, etc.

I tried her cake recipe earlier this morning. Ingredients:

– 1 box of betty crocker white cake mix + 1 can of diet 7up (i double checked her story on the internet and did find corroborating evidence. Best practice is to use coke for chocolate cake but 7up for white cake)

– 1 box of pudding mix and some milk to make the pudding

– 1 can of cherry filling. I thought a cake of just chocolate and vanilla sounded boring, so i figured maybe i could slice it in half an put cherry in the middle.

The cake baked fine. The pudding of course was yummy and using it as frosting wasn’t a bad idea. It’s chocolatey but not sweet. But then, I like pudding. Somebody who likes the sugary satisfaction of frosting won’t like the pudding substitution.

The cherry pie filling also worked out (in that it was yummy and satisfying with the pudding), but the layering idea was a big disaster. The cake was so crumbly that I could barely touch it without pieces falling out. It only got worse after I sliced it. I managed to get the cake looking ok, and I cut myself a slice, but then while I was eating it another hunk of the cake crumbled apart and fell on the floor. I just glanced at it now and I can see that half of the remainder is looking ok but the other half is a bit crumbly.


PROs: Cake mix and diet soda work if you are just going to cut it into big slices. Don’t try any dainty cutting work or horizontal slicing.

Cons: My addition of pie filling probably added back the calories saved by substituting the diet pop. I bought the ingredients at small corner grocery store, and since none of these are competitive products (except for the milk), i ended up paying $11 for them. Considering the cost of ingredients plus the cost of my time, it was an expensive cake!

(Special note for wenderella … I’m listening to NPR right now and they’re interviewing an author named wendy. The author was talking about names, and “the wendy character”, and how she recently was at a bookstore and met another wendy who was very wendy-esque … i.e. bubbly and good at her work. :)



  1. To be honest Swapna, the whole cake sounds pretty shady. I think portion control is more effective than using subsitutes.

    But then maybe I am more of a baking purest.

    Comment by Julie — April 28, 2008 @ 7:20 am

  2. hey – i missed this shout out! :)
    i like my name…and yep, i’d say it probably suits me pretty well :P

    i would never put diet coke in a cake…but love your sense of adventure and curiosity for trying!

    Comment by wenderella — June 7, 2008 @ 3:29 pm

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