Atta Ikede

April 28, 2008

Cake update

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You’re right julie! The cake was totally shady!

I wrote the last post shortly after baking the  cake. I was eating the cake while I was writing that email. In my defense it was Saturday late-morning and it was the first food i’d eaten all day! Plus I was impressed that the cake had even turned out at all, what with the 7up / cake mix combo and all.

Well I tried that cake again on Sunday and I realized that cake was gross! Eating it is an utterly unsatisfying experience. You don’t feel any of the deliciousness that you do when eating a normal cake! It’s just a medley of bland store bought flavors with undertones of that sugar-free aspartamey taste.

I think it might taste better if you put regular home made frosting on it instead of the pudding…

Geez! Stop me, please. Why am I even thinking about this !? I’m thinking about ways to salvage a cake made entirely of chemicals! lol. Sigh. I need vegetables.


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  1. That’s like the equivalent of my yucky muesli bars! I’m starting to wonder if eating crazy nasty things is just one of the experiences of moving away. :S

    Comment by Jessica — May 4, 2008 @ 4:40 am

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