Atta Ikede

May 8, 2008

Post 42

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This is my 42nd blog post. (I’m bored of coming up with catchy blog titles)

I had an online chat with my friend Ken today. He lives in pittsburgh and had his name set to “ken – go penguins”. Just like that!

I say:
“go penguins” ?! your enthusiasm is so understated it seems like somebody bullied you into putting that slogan up! At least add an exclamation mark or two to make it authentic!

ken says:
ken says:
i originally had 2 !!
ken says:
then i said to myself
I say:
“oh dear, this is so undignified”
ken says:
it looks a bit effeminate~~
I say:
hahahaha!!! i was close.
ken says:
I say:
i think one exclamation mark would be the perfect balance between manliness and enthusiasm.

ken says:
u’re such a funny gal!
ken says:
in response to ur wise observation and the insightful comment, i’ve added one exclamation mark to my msn name!
I say:

hehehe … that’s me! Making frivolous observations; changing the world, one exclamation mark at a time.


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  1. oh swapna…i miss you.

    Comment by wenderella — June 7, 2008 @ 3:42 pm

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