Atta Ikede

May 8, 2008

Episode 43

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My soccer league playoffs were last night. My team made it to the playoffs. GO ROVERS!

…. not quite.

The league was a round robin. We played all the other teams and beat them all except one, who creamed us (they were SCARY!) and another one, with whom we tied. We were in second place going into the playoffs. The scary team (aptly named the Thundercats.. that just sounds scary) were in 1st place and the team we tied with, Rogue, was 3rd. The league had 8 teams in total.

We played Rogue. They beat us 3 – 2 and went on to play Thundercats.

You’re not going to believe this, but Rogue only scored one of their goals. My team managed to score the other two for them!! Unbelievable! Here’s how:

Goal 1: In the first half, somebody made a shot on our goal. One of my teammates tried to deflect it with a kick and managed to deflect right into our net. Our goalie (not me) was probably just caught off guard cuz he didn’t even try to catch it! The ball just sailed in!

Goal 2: In the second half.. we were already down 2-1 (due to our previous idiotic goal)… somebody made a shot on goal, and it was chaos. The goalie dove for it, but so did two of my teammates! Somehow the teammates got to it before the goalie, and managed to push the ball into the net! Idiotic! It was horrible! The goalie had to be comforted! He was pissed …

So yeah! We came back with a goal in the second half, and it was amazing cuz we were down a man (had been yellowcarded for some heckling on the field. seriously .. i can’t believe how dramatic these games can be) and managed to score anyway, but overall we weren’t playing too well. Those two goals we scored on ourselves really hurt.

I kept getting ordered to run to one side of the field or the other, and was totally confused what the strategy was. In fact, I don’t think anybody knew what the strategy was.

This was the first time where I observed that good passing really counts. Those guys passed the ball all around us and so we ended up just running around all over the place, getting sweaty, while they calmly passed it around their own team and waited for openings to take shots on goal. Even when we intercepted and got the ball, 1 runner can’t take the ball up the field the whole way (even though the field is so small), so always lost the ball when we tried to pass it, cuz our passing skills sucked. It just felt like one horrible 1-hour long game of Monkey in the Middle. Sigh.

Luckily a classmate of mine was in town on business that day so we met up for dinner later on. At least that was fun!


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