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May 15, 2008

Post 45

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The soccer captain shared yet another crazy recipe with us yesterday! Apparently you make a package of brownie mix, and get rid of half of it, and add in the same quantity of black bean mush!

I believe the part where she says it’s way healthier, but I don’t believe the part where she says you can’t tell the difference. I’m not compelled to try this recipe. The pop cake one was easy so i had to try it. But where do I buy black bean mush? do i have to mush it myself? Sounds intense. I’ll just close my eyes and do a thought experiment instead. You could do the same.

In unrelated news, I am on the cusp of joining the fanciest gym in town. By SF standards it’s pretty expensive, but I think gyms are one of those things that are expensive in Canada relative to the states, so the price i’ll pay here is probably about the same as what I would have paid at sports clubs of canada or something. I could pay a lot less here and join a more “pedestrian” gym, but I scoped it out and most of those gym companies make you sign like a 3 year contract in order to lock in the tantalizingly low price. If you don’t, the price is only somewhat less than the fancy gym, and when I thought about the good points of the fancy gym compared with the relative dirtiness of the normal gyms, my decision was clear. Now the only remaining thing is to test out one of the yoga classes the fancy gym offers. If it’s decent then i’m sold!

The good points about this gym are: (1) Yelp reviewers overwhelmingly agree that it’s the cleanest place in town (2) it’s small and has no mirror or glass walls to facilitate egotistical preening (3) it’s in a converted stock exchange building- the change rooms are where the vault used to be!! (4) the corporate policy is to manage memebership. I’ve been in there at peak hours and it’s only half full (5) it’s about a block away from work (6) the head honchos from NYC apparently come down once in a while for quality control.

In further unrelated news, a coworker’s wife is getting her PhD next week. She has some kind of important presentation to give, and if that goes well, she’s pretty much in. It’s the final hurdle. He was asking me what I thought a nice grad gift for his wife would be. I thought about it, and my immediate suggestion was an alarm clock, cuz workers have to get up early whereas students can laze about all day. I figured this would be a useful and thoughtful gift. He rejected this idea. My second suggestion was a pair of overalls. lol. I mean, is there ever a time in your life when you least expect a pair of overalls as a gift? It’s surprising and symbolic! Unforgettable! He thought this idea was even worse, and warned me that i’m gonna have trouble in a relationship if I really thought these were good ideas for presents!! My response was that i’m a girl, and it’s usually the guy’s job to impress a girl with good presents! Hehe :)




  1. You are becoming a high roller. Fancy gym indeed. Remember I only pay $10 to go to my gym. I am still predestran thank you. On gift giving matters. I say if he wants to be a big boller like you go for a vacation, or weekend away. After all the work you go into getting your PHD you need to rest. Otherwise as a gag I think the alarm clock works.

    You sound like your having a great time there in San Fran. I do miss you.

    Comment by Julie — May 16, 2008 @ 10:10 am

  2. julie, you could never be pedestrian.

    haha, high roller, eh? i like the sound of that. makes me feel like i should start hanging out at the Baccarat tables or something. hmm .. too bad i gamble terribly. no risk tolerance.

    thanks for the gift idea! yup, he’s taking her on a vacation.

    Comment by attaikede — May 16, 2008 @ 10:20 pm

  3. Did he decide before I told you or did he come up with it on his own?

    Thank you for thinking I am not pedestran. I am happy to be appreciated. I never gamble, I take enough risks with my life and credit, I don’t need to add gambling to my charming list of sins.

    Comment by julie — May 17, 2008 @ 12:38 pm

  4. he decided before i read your post. it’s possible he decided after you TYPED your post, in which case it’s possible that he received the mental vibrations you sent out.

    Comment by attaikede — May 19, 2008 @ 4:51 pm

  5. Black bean mush in brownies!? Where does she come up with these things? That sounds so wrong it should be illegal!
    Not that I eat brownies – but when I do I’ll jus stick with 100% brownies and get fat.

    Comment by rabbitdownunder — May 21, 2008 @ 4:34 pm

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