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May 16, 2008


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One of my friends told me she was annoyed I stopped putting titles for posts. She told me that she gets attracted to the titles like “bees to honey”, apparently. hehe. Well, she is one of my good friends so here! This is for you picnic buddy .. the titles are back!

I recently read a couple books about economics. I believe in the free market and the books I read were kind of tilted that way. I dunno if reading those books has coloured my viewpoint or what, but lately i’ve noticed a lot of people around me, even seemingly educated, compassionate people, making the most obnoxious and offensive statements about China!! Here is a selection:

1. “Our passports are printed in China!! US Passports!!! The world is probably flooded with fake US passports! They probably make 2 passports for everybody and sell the dups on the black market!!”

I dont even want to discuss how dumb that is. All I can say is that the Gap closed a store in downtown Oakland a few months after it opened because the amount of theft by employees and customers at that location was so great that they couldn’t run the store!

2. “My daughter never buys anything made in China after hearing about the pet food scam.”

Well, it’s great that your daughter is so rich she doesn’t shop at walmart and so bored she has time to read the label of every piece of food she buys at the store. I hope she threw out her laptop, cuz that was probably made in china too. It’s a bit sick that despite being so rich and bored, it took this person until the PET FOOD scam, of all things, to decide to not buy chinese. I suppose she was unmoved by the humanitarian stuff there? the environmental stuff? the brutal oppression of journalists? Yeah, who cares about other people in other countries, but make a move on her little shitzu and she gets all in arms.

3. “The chinese are polluting the world’s environment”

Good point. Might want to keep that in mind next time you’re surfing in your own shit in the bay. Cuz guess what! There’s still raw sewage going in there, especially when the system gets overloaded! That’s what I call unforgivable, especially considering we’re in like the most liberal, environmentally friendly place in america!

Anyway, i’m getting a bit annoyed just remembering all these conversations!

Sigh. time for bed.


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  1. the comment you made for 2. was funny!! I couldn’t stop laughing!

    Comment by picnic buddy — May 21, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

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