Atta Ikede

May 28, 2008


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2. i’ve been experiencing slight nausea on my bus ride to work. I used to read, but nowadays i start feeling sick sometimes so I’ve stopped doing that. When I don’t read, I either play sudoku on my iPhone or close my eyes and imagine i am a monkey using my arms, legs and tail to swing through the trees. It’s like a cartwheel in mid air through the trees. Then I start thinking .. hmm .. if i just fling myself up, i’ll be able to do this cartwheel up over the tree tops! Then I start thinking … hmm … maybe i could drop to the forest floor and pick up bananas too! I find that the 20 minute bus ride goes by really fast when I start imagining the monkey. It goes by really slowly when i’m stuck on sudoku.

3. I become mesmerized by when I see matchy women. I don’t know what it is about them, but they fascinate me utterly! I saw one the other day. I was on an airport shuttle and we were picking up people at her hotel. I watched her board the shuttle. Her color was pale green. Pale green shoes, 2 bags (from different brands), bracelet, and EYESHADOW! Hmm. Now that I think about it, I think the reason they fascinate me is that I start thinking ok .. i’ve seen one matchy outfit … i wonder how many more they have at home! i wonder what sort of closet they have! Are these women the source of the “almost new! Worn only once while i was mostly sitting down!!!” bargain used shoes on ebay? So many questions….

4. There are many times I actively miss Ryan! We used to finish each other’s sentences! I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I miss him when I’m trying to explain something, or trying to put my ideas into words. He always knew what I was getting at! We still keep in touch but it’s not the same.

5. My hair is definitely turning brown. I also turning brown(er). I have a noticeable tan lines now and I agree with Jessica (the rabbit) … tan lines on feet look dirty!! instead of strategically applying sun screen, i’ve been wearing closed toe shoes or different sandals so that hopefully the various tan lines will overlap and be less noticeable.

6. My wireless network has been very flaky. Sometimes i can’t connect to the router, sometimes i can but can’t get data, etc. As a result I have wires all over the kitchen floor in my apartment, reminding me that I am a fake engineer who can’t even get my own stupid network to work!!! Unforgiveable!

7. I watched two studio ghibli movies on youtube recently. I highly recommend them: (1) whisper of the heart. Probably one of the most romantic movies i have ever watched! That movie melted even my normally cold heart (2) Grave of the Fireflies. Really sad. really. The sadness of this movie will undoubtedly haunt me.


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