Atta Ikede

May 30, 2008

Soccer update

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My new season started 3 weeks ago and guess what: i’ve scored 2 goals already! One in each of the last two games. They were both rebound kicks where I snuck into the goalie area and strategically put in a kick while the goalie was distracted by my teammates. hehehe. I owe it all to my new Diesel shoes.

I liked the shoes and went into the store to check them out and found that they’re having a 30% off sale on shoes! I bought them immediately. Best $65 i ever spent! hehehe. Anyway, the reason the shoes help is that they’ve got a thin leather upper, which is similar to how real soccer shoes are. I’d been playing with running shoes until now, but I realized that with thinner shoes it’s much easier to get the feel of the ball. With my new shoes, i can actually feel when i kick the sweet spot vs the edge, and i can control it much better and point my toe better because there isn’t an inch of foam padding and “boingy” material between my foot and the ball! YES!

Along with my newfound ability so score has come a newfound ability to pass effectively. More people are passing to me now because they can be confident i can return the pass and keep the ball on our side. I still have to steal the ball a lot from the other team if i want ball time, cuz i’m still a very weak player, but hey, I’ve scored goals! I’m an asset!

I think what happened is that my skills have been getting better, but once i got the new shoes and could actually feel the ball, suddenly i was able to put my skills to work and actually pass and kick properly.

I am definitely going to go to a park this weekend and kick the ball around a bit to practice. Now I have a reason to practice!

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