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June 19, 2008

Domestic Bliss

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Note: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I dunno what it is about blogging … if I do it regularly, like once every day or two then it’s easy to keep up with, but if I lapse for a week or so then it’s really hard to get back into it.

If you have lived with me or ever come to my place, you’ll know that i’m not exactly one of those martha stewart types who have photograph worthy homes. Sure, I suppose my furniture is decent looking but tidiness has always been an issue. I always have piles of clothes on the bed, at least 5 or 6 dirty dishes in the sink, and piles of odds and ends and dirty mugs all over the dining table – and every other available surface. In fact there are three dirty mugs on my desk right now, along with a couple of plates from at least 2 weeks ago.

It gets a bit gross after a while.

What you may not know is that I also have a streak of obsessive domestic energy and clean-freakism that periodically kicks in and saves me. It’s a good thing I have this streak: I’d be living like a total pig otherwise!

Usually, these bouts of domestic energy leave me with a tidy apartment, clean dishes, sore arms and a zen feeling of domestic bliss. Recently, they have been enhanced by a new feeling.

It came over me one day as I was washing dishes. Half way through washing them, I started feeling pride in my adult-like behaviour. Wow. I’m a grown up! Moving away from home, cooking for myself, washing dishes. All by myself! As I washed the last mug, I was literally preening! Too bad there was nobody else around to appreciate it.

It happened again last weekend when I did my laundry. A couple weekends ago I went down to Ikea and bought myself one of those star shaped clothes drying racks. I did a price check online before buying it – it was cheaper at Ikea than at Target! I was getting annoyed with collecting all those quarters for laundry and figured I could make my quarters stretch by drying my clothes indoors instead of using the dryer. I brought my very first load of wet clothes upstairs and setup the drying rack. As I started arranging my laundry on the rack, I started getting that adult feeling again. Wow! Taking care of myself. Making mature decisions. I was glowing, wondering if I could be the Indian Martha Stewart!

Yeah right. It’s been over a week and my laundry rack from last weekend is still up. I’ve been pulling items off the rack one by one as I need them rather than folding them up and putting them away.  I haven’t done dishes in a couple week either. I finally gave up and turned on the dishwasher this morning!


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  1. That’s funny cause I have the same odd feeling with this whole blogging thing too! After not blogging in about 10 days I found it hard to start, even though I had lots to say in my head. I sat in front of my computer for a really long time before I was able to write down a proper sentence.

    Oh and tidiness…. yeah I’m with you on that one. The only thing I seem to be able to keep organize in my life are my school notes. I’m hopeless when it comes to keeping any kind of space tidy. I was hopeless in high school with my locker and I’m just as hopeless now with my room.

    Comment by Jessica — June 29, 2008 @ 4:45 am

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