Atta Ikede

July 27, 2008

My favourite coffee shop

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My favourite coffee shop here is this place called La Boulange. It’s the restaurant offshoot of a bakery chain.

It’s not actually a coffee shop .. it’s more of a simple restaurant going for a simple French vibe. Mm.. that place is delicious! They have this really delicious vegetable tart that I usually get. mmm .. so flaky .. has 2 colours of zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and a bit of pesto nestled in there. mm.. I ate two pieces today. They also have decent coffee, reasonable prices for espresso beverages, and good baked goods (courtesy of the bakery). The plain croissants are solid. The chocolate croissants are a bit disappointing for the price.

The fun thing about this restaurant is that the seating is horribly cramped, they serve food on chipped dishes and if you order a large coffee/beverage they bring it to you in a soup bowl that doesn’t have a handle. It’s ridiculous but somehow charming.

There are always people in there eating alone and although I usually just get takeout, I’ve dined solo there a couple times. I’ve never been disappointed with my decision to do that! The first time I ate there, I sat next to a table where two black women were debating something. Well … more accurately, one woman was going on a verbally assaultive diatribe, throwing an impressive vocabulary and pre-cise enun-cia-tion into her rant while the other woman, visibly cowed, sipped coffee and mmhmm’d here and there. I went there today and had a brief conversation with my neighbour at the next table, who I noticed was a man who had turned into a well dressed woman. Her handbag was open and I could see the 7 day pillbox inside, which I assumed contained pills used to suppress her manly hormones.


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  1. vegetable tart, mmm, sounds so yammy! I wish I could have one…

    Never feel weird about eating alone! Tons of people do that.

    Your visit to the coffee shop is so interesting.

    Comment by picnic buddy — July 29, 2008 @ 8:18 am

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