Atta Ikede

August 10, 2008

Excessively cute hygeine tools

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Back when I was in Japan in March, I bought a small cute wooden spoon at a stall in the touristy part of Kyoto. It’s a really cute spoon … it has a green frog-type creature dangling from one end of it and two little bells too. It jingles when you move it around.

The spoon part of it is extremely small, but I figured maybe it’s used for spooning caviar or something onto one’s dish, so I didn’t think it was too unusual. My plan was just to keep the spoon in my spoon drawer and hear the merry jingle every time I open the drawer.

Well guess what! i recently figured out that this spoon is meant for ear cleaning !!! That’s why it’s so small! In fact, after looking at it more closely I realized that the spoon part of it isn’t a spoon at all, but instead is just angled inwards!

Of course, I couldn’t resist sticking the thing in my ear once I realized that’s where it was meant to go. I stood in front of the mirror and made a small experimental poke. Unfortunately, I was using my left hand which has no sense of control and I think I accidentally stabbed my ear drum or something. It was a bit uncomfortable. I tried again with my right hand and my right ear, but this time I was so careful that the poke only served to make my ear itchy and when i put the spoon down I realized that my back, shoulders and entire face had been rather tense!

Summary: Don’t buy suspiciously small spoons in Japan, even if they look irresistably cute. I don’t know why Japanese people would want to poke a hard wooden spoon into their ear, (and apparently this practice has spread to other parts of asia) or why they would add bells to such a spoon, but .. well, it’s Japan.

I’m going to stick to my Q-Tips. Nice and soft!


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  1. That’s what we use!! I have a steel one…

    Comment by picnic buddy — August 11, 2008 @ 8:47 am

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