Atta Ikede

August 10, 2008

Miscellaneous Updates

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1. I bought an espresso machine on a couple weeks ago. It arrived last week and I’ve been experimenting with it ever since. The verdict? I LOVE IT!

2. They have this concept in the states of gender-specific department store locations.  Have you ever seen a women’s only Bay store? No. Well here in San Francisco, there’s an enormous 7-storey Macy’s downtown and as I wandered around in there one day a couple weeks ago, I felt like there was something missing. Actually, there were two things missing: (1) customers (2) a men’s department. Macy’s has a separate location for the men’s department,called “the men’s store” a block away from the 7-storey store! I think there are a couple other department store chains that have gender specific stores downtown as well.

3. My plant is still alive! i’ve been taking care of it very carefully. I always remember to open the blinds before I leave for work so that it can get sunlight, and I put a gigantic squirt bottle I got for free from Walgreens next to it so that I can water it easily when the dish gets dry. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be a flowering plant but I can’t see a single flower bud! There were a couple on it at one point early on, but I wasn’t taking care of the plant very well at that time and so they dried up and fell out without blooming.

4. Next time you go to the supermarket, keep an eye out for berries. You’ll see that there’s a brand called “Driscoll’s“. It’s from California. I remember that in Toronto, I could regularly buy those berries in a 2/$5 deal. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. mmm .. so good! Sometimes even the organic berries were included in the 2/$5 deal! Here in San Fran, those same berries are like $4! Honestly. I haven’t eaten a raspberry since I left Canada. They’re priced out of my reach here.

5. Being surrounded by “green” options and living in an expensive environment really does affect a person’s buying habits.  For example, a brand of dairy products that’s sold around here has a tag line that says “made with milk from rBST free cows”. The label goes on to say that the FDA has verified there is nothing wrong with drinking milk from rBST free cows. What the heck is rbst and why are cows eating it?? Google research indicates that rbst is bovine growth hormone. After reading up about it, I am relieved that it’s not in my cottage cheese and yogurt. I’ve had similar brushups with non animal tested soaps and organic foods. When large and small stores have sections dedicated to eco friendly / non animal tested / green things, it’s hard not to notice, and when everything is so expensive that the price gaps between the green and non-green products is small, it becomes very easy to go green with the daily small choices.


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