Atta Ikede

October 5, 2008

Degree Clinical Protection .. cuz you’re so afraid you stink

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Ah .. catching up on blogging today. i’ve spent the whole morning at my computer! This is the last one of the day :)

I don’t think Canadians can watch content on that site. Boo!

It’s one of those streaming video content websites. Looks like they pick up content from a lot of different providers. It’s all appears to be legal and legit, and it’s supported by ads, though fewer ads than you’d see on normal TV.

I’ve gotten into this TV show called Bones (pretty corny but entertaining enough to watch when I want to laze around).

Anyway, so the way the ads work on Hulu is that usually there are one or two ads that play during a particular episode. The same ad will play a few times during the show. It’s really annoying to watch the same ad over and over again, but I guess it’s pretty effective. There’s this one commercial for Edge Shave gel that’s burned itself into my memory.

… Umm, ok, so maybe the repetitive approach is not so effective. It took me a few tries to find you the youtube ad link. All I could remember from the ad was “lubricants, lubrimoistricants” in a sexy voice instead of the actual brand of shave gel they were selling! Watch it here.

[ side note: Look at the german model in the ad .. she has a noticeable accent. I like how they gave her a made-up word to say. It somehow makes it funnier. And speaking of Germans, is it just me or is it that when you think of a German women, the tall blonde German girl in the ad fits the profile, but when you think of a German man, it’s always a chubby dude in suspenders? ]

Another one of the ads I saw repeatedly on was for Degree Clinical Protection.

You know how there’s a marketing approach where the marketer/ad agency uses fear to their benefit? It’s one of the basic tactics in advertising.

Degree Clinical Protection is an excellent example of using fear for marketing purposes! It’s so textbook …

I couldn’t find the ad I saw on youtube, but this quote on their website pretty much sums it up: “1 in 4 people worry about excessive sweating. That’s why there’s Degree Clinical Protection.”

First of all, what is “excessive” sweating? Different amounts of sweat are appropriate in different environments! And what’s the usefulness in a statistic pointing out what percentage of people “worry” about a problem? What does it mean to worry? Does it mean that the person thought about the issue briefly and got a little worried when he/she was asked the question, but doesn’t think about it at other times? Does it mean the person doesn’t go out because they’re so worried about their sweat? All that stat really tells us is that there are a lot of self conscious people out there!

The ad shows a series of fake profiles featuring females who are supposed to endear themselves to us — a boisterous, overweight, black hairdresser who talks about how ever since she started using the product, her friends compliment her on being so “dry” and a slender, earnest, young white flight attendant who talks about how she used to feel really self conscious having to reach up to close the overhead luggage storage but now she can do so with confidence.

While I’m sure it’s a great product, the pitch is a little offensive. Are we supposed to see a reflection of ourselves in these insecure women??

I don’t know why I decided to blog about this particular product/ad …like I said, it’s a pretty common tactic. i guess this example was just particularly egregious — how they highlighted that stupid statistic and had those women in the ad. Sigh. Pretty annoying.


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