Atta Ikede

October 22, 2008

Pain ..

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I went to the gym yesterday. My shoulders and triceps are aching right now. In fact it hurts to type. It hurts to touch my arms. it hurts to move my arms!

I was fine yesterday evening. Sigh. It’s always the day after that’s the worst.

If you’ve been to a basic yoga class you’ll know the flow: downward dog, plank, pushup, upward facing dog. Repeat.

How many of those did I do to earn this pain? ten. TEN! Yes. Pathetic, I know!

Speaking of gym pain, the other interesting painful exercise I learned is the “IT band” rolling exercise from pilates class. Whereas the yoga flow one is an excellent workout that I can feel the results of, this IT band exercise seems to be about as useful as a whipping.

How the exercise works is that you lie on your side and put the roller under your hip. Then you roll up and down, allowing the roller to “massage” your leg from your hip to the knee.

It’s horrendously painful! The first time I tried this i was horrified at how painful it was, but the instructor said that the pain is normal and kept cheerfully announcing “30 more seconds! 20 more seconds!” etc.  Some googling revealed she is correct about the pain being normal. Look at this post for example.

The funny thing about this exercise is that every time I go to the gym and see the roller, either during a  pilates class or when i’m doing stretches on my own, I can’t believe my own memory of the pain of the exercise. I always dismiss the memory, thinking “nah .. that was last week! I must have just had a bad day. it’s just a silly foam roller.” Of course, 2 minutes into the exercise I start thinking “ouch”.

Ok, more like “O U C H ! ! ! !”

Sigh. It’s 8:10. Maybe i’ll just go to bed so I can stop moving my arms.


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