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October 31, 2008

Bento style lunch 1 and 2

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I go through a packed lunch craze about once a year. It never lasts .. i always end up reverting back to buying a lunch. The craze has come over me again, and this year, thanks to my eye opening discovery of bento, my packed lunches are prettier than ever before! Continuing to pack a pretty lunch is going to be the only hope for me to keep up with packing lunches here. The office here in SF is close to several delicious lunch options, most of which cost $5 or less. With free drinks and snacks at work, $5 goes a long way and pretty much guarantees a fresh, tasty, healthy lunch.

Here is lunch box 1, eaten October 27 2008:

Lunch box 1

Lunch box 1

The closed container contains left-over pizza. The open container contains carrots, cucumber, green grapes, plain yogurt w/ cranberries on top and some 1000 island dressing.

I cut up the veggies on the evening of Oct 26th and assembled it the morning of the 27th. It took me quite a while to assemble .. cramming the grapes in was pretty tricky. With my first attempt, i only managed to fit in 4 or 5 grapes, leaving a lot of empty space in the box. With my second attempt, I thought to stand the grapes up and that worked much better. Despite spending all this effort to arrange everything, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d be very disappointed when I took it out for lunch – why eat old pizza and a bunch of vegetables when I can get something that I know will be yummy for only $5? I don’t even really like vegetables that much.

Turned out my fears were totally unfounded! The most important thing I had to do at work was remember I had brought a lunch. Once I opened the work fridge and saw the yellow boxes there, and opened the veggie box, it was so orderly, so colourful, and so fresh looking I had to eat it! And it was great! The yogurt w/ cranberries was especially tasty. Yum!

Here is lunch box 2, eaten October 31 2008:

Lunch Box 2

Lunch Box 2

Today’s lunch contains two fruit center cookies from a package purchased at Ikea, a handful of raw almonds, two cups of yogurt & cranberries and a handful of soy beans (visible under the almonds) crammed in between flower shaped rice balls.

About those flower shaped rice balls … The safeway nearest my place is a block further than Japantown, so of course, I stopped in at Ichiban Kan to check out their crazy bento section to see if they had anything fun before going on to buy groceries at safeway. Ichiban Kan had these funny rice molds for a buck. Each rice mold has 3 pieces. The molds come in packages of two. I got the set that has a bear shape (which I will never use) and a flower shape. I figured that for a buck, I could afford to try these out and see if the shapes work out. The flower is pretty nice! The bear shape makes me feel weird just looking at it. Why would I want to eat something in the shape of an animal head?? Weird.

Note: Regarding the photos … The first photo was taken on the countertop in the kitchen using natural light. The second photo was taken on my glass desk using fill in flash. I used my regular Sony camera for both. The iPhone camera is pretty useless when trying to capture detail or working in sub-optimal lighting conditions.


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