Atta Ikede

November 3, 2008

Lunch packing lessons learned!

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Ok .. so maybe some of these lessons should have been obvious, but they weren’t!

1. I must eat the lunch as soon as it is removed from the fridge. Leaving a half eaten lunch on my desk all afternoon so I can nibble at it is not recommended, especially if the lunch contains fruit or dairy.

This was a very important lesson. Lunch number 2, with the yogurt … ah. i only ended up eating one of the yogurt cups because the other one stayed at my desk for several hours and became gross.

2. Cookies packed inside the lunch box will go soft.

I saw a photo on flickr where a woman had packed cookies inside her lunch box. Maybe that worked for her, but it didn’t work for me. Oh I ate the cookies, but they weren’t as delicious as I expected because they had gone a bit soft.

3. If it doesn’t look yummy, it probably isn’t

I’m not as picky of an eater as I used to be, but still .. i do have a hard time eating things that look weird to me. i had a feeling about today’s pasta! I should have followed my instincts and fixed the problem this morning and somehow made it yummier.

4. Almonds make a lunch really yummy!

mm .. almonds are good in lunch! That was a stroke of genius!

5. The “bento rules” make sense

So a few of the bento rules I learned when I was researching Japanese bentos are: (1) pack it tight so stuff doesn’t move around (2) use 2 or 3 colours of food in there (3) make it 30 – 50% rice or other main dish and fill the rest of the space w/ other things (4) separate things so the flavours don’t mix.

This is all very practical advice. The advice about packing a few items is very important. It reminds me of the dinners my mom used to make – mmm … 3 dishes in a meal is ideal.



  1. Almonds in cereal’s delicious! I’m having some right now!

    Comment by rabbitdownunder — November 8, 2008 @ 12:30 pm

  2. mm! yes! those granola type cereals are usually delicious. Sweet, crunchy, mmm …

    Comment by attaikede — November 9, 2008 @ 3:59 pm

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