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November 4, 2008

Election Day in San Francisco

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The most delicious thing about election day is the free ice cream. Thank you Ben and Jerry’s! The following photo documents the free scoops that my friend and I enjoyed.

Election Day Free Ice Cream

Election Day Free Ice Cream

Polls just closed here about an hour ago or so. I guess Obama hasn’t officially won yet nationally, but it’s clear he’s going to win, and people appear to be excited about it. My neighbourhood is relatively quiet tonight, but even I can hear the occasional car full of cheering and honking going by. My bus home went through some of the more fun parts of town, like the mission and the border on the castro, and people were already going crazy there at 8 pm. Dancing in the streets, women banging on pots, gangs of strangers cheering and screaming “OBAMA!!!!”, to which the appropriate response seems to be “WOOOOOOO!!!”.

The truly interesting thing for California and for SF specifically is going to be the vote on so called Proposition 8. The presidential election is obviously important, but regardless of who wins, it’s not a decision that is going to affect individual people in their homes. Sure, taxes might go up or down, there may be more or fewer wars, but who the president is doesn’t affect personal decisions about lifestyle. Proposition 8 is different.

Proposition 8 is something that if passed, would redefine marriage in california to specifically be between a man and a woman. Religious/conservative people are pushing for a yes vote. Liberal/tolerant type people are pushing for a no vote. You’d think hey, this is california… the first place to elect openly gay politicians! One of the two states were same sex marriage is legal! There’s no way such a grandma moses type of thing would pass! Well you’d be wrong. Proposition 8 could go either way. It’s really, really, really tight.

I think part of the problem is that the Yes side (the conservative/religious side who wants to redefine the definition of marriage) is extremely organized and well funded. Apparently, out of state Mormons have really been pouring money to the Yes side. The No side? They seem kind of disorganized. Things picked up steam towards the end, with volunteers canvassing the streets passing pamphlets about the No side, and people waving signs at intersections, but that all popped up today. Where were these people yesterday, or last week, or last month?

What’s going to happen if the Yes side wins? Will same sex couples who got married become unmarried? Do they become cohabitational couples? And what does it say about California, that one of the supposed progressive states actually ended up having religious forces bring these intolerant measures to the table and have them turned into law? Is this going to embolden the religious forces and encourage them to bring other intolerant measures to the fore? Sigh. It’s a slippery slope! I really hope the No side wins. Otherwise, i just think it sends the wrong message and puts a bad precedent in place.

“vote no on proposition 8!”

A couple of other propositions on the Californian ballot are also interesting:
Proposition 1 – high speed rail network
Proposition 2 – Animal rights – makes it illegal to use cages that don’t leave an animal room to move around

I guess tomorrow holds the answers. Ah… can’t wait!



  1. Woo Hoo to free ice cream… boo hoo to prop 8. I really hope that does not go through… please update us!!

    Comment by Lisa — November 5, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

  2. They lost! No more gay marriage.

    There are already some court challenges put up. We’ll see what happens…

    I was pretty surprised.

    Comment by attaikede — November 14, 2008 @ 8:11 am

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