Atta Ikede

November 14, 2008

New Pages

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Hey guys,

I put up two new pages on the right –> Bento craze and cooking escapades.  It’s 8.23 am here so I have finish getting ready for work, but I wanted to throw those pages up so I can start filling them. Those pages are going to be for photos only, maybe with just a few remarks. Those pages are mainly for my dad, cuz he’s always asking me whether i’m eating properly. I didn’t want to clutter the main blog page with so much food-heavy commentary so I thought I’d move it off to the side. If I ever put anything of critical interest there I’ll just link to it from something on the main blog.

Also, thanks for the comments!! Blogging without comments is no fun at all. I love the pseudonyms in the comments too – seeing a note from “cat” really made me laugh :)

By the way, did you know I write in the mornings? Yup. Most of my blog entries are written in the morning before work, with my coffee mug on my left and my Telus flower mouse on my right. I find i’m not so creative or patient in the evenings. Creative because it takes effort to come up with something to write about .. patient because each post is heavily edited before it gets posted! For example, it’s already 8:38 and i’m still here. Yes. I just spent 20 minutes editing this silly post!

– Atta Ikede (oops, almost signed my real name! :)



  1. I edit and re-edit everything I write too, except when I am chatting on MSN, then the recipient gets whatever comes flying off my fingers. It is nice that your dad keeps checking up on you making sure you are eating well, as we all know that sometimes does not happen with you.
    Come to think of it, now that I am with Darren I’m not eating well either, though I make sure he does!

    Comment by Lisa — November 16, 2008 @ 7:17 am

  2. I look forward to the pictures on the lunch and cooking pages.

    Comment by Dad — November 17, 2008 @ 6:37 am

  3. I’m better these days!! lol. omg .. you guys… think i’m still a kid!

    Comment by attaikede — November 18, 2008 @ 8:24 am

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