Atta Ikede

December 2, 2008

Why there are sometimes long dry spells between posts

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I think I’ve already mentioned that I only write posts in the morning.  It’s 7:50 am right now. I figure I have 20 mintues to spend here at most before I have to get ready for work.

When I first moved here and started this blog, I had no friends, no activities and no possessions except for what was in my two suitcases. Honestly, at that time, I had nothing better to do then blog, which is why I could happily spend evenings carefully composing posts.

These days, between occasionally getting together with a friend, occasionally going to the gym, commitments to a few regular activities like soccer and (hopefully) volunteering, catching up on Desperate Housewives, and the usual assortment of chores, I’m usually reasonably occupied on most weeknights and even when I have time, I’m usually de-energized and not very creative :(

So you’d think I should be able to regularly write posts every morning, right? Wrong. The reasons? Guilt and Inertia!

My laptop has two spots:

On my desk/dining table. This is where I sit to do things that require active interaction with the computer – doing work, writing posts, managing photos, online banking, etc. This is where productivity happens.

On the coffee table, connected to the 24″ monitor. This is where the laptop goes when it needs to become my TV tuner/DVD/media device. When the laptop in that spot, I only use two applications – firefox if i’m watching web videos or vlc player if i’m watching something i’d previously downloaded. There is no productivity going on here. I suppose I could sit on my couch and be productive, but it’s so warm and cozy on the couch, sitting there reading something just makes me want a nap. Overall, yup, there is absolutely no productivity in this couch/coffee table zone.

I didn’t set up this  .. i dunno what to call it .. laptop division of labour?  on purpose… it just happened naturally and became a habit. Moving the laptop between spots is actually kind of a hassle because the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to so I always have to go and unplug, move and replug the power supply which requires me to unplus something from the outlet, which is usually a lamp, which means I have to go around and turn on other lights to compensate!! Seriously. It’s a 4 step process.

This hassle is what leads to inertia. Say I was catching up on a couple episodes of something on Sunday evening. When I wake up on Monday morning, my laptop will still be there in its “non productive” location. I dunno about you, but 4 step processes don’t seem very fun on Monday mornings, or in fact on any mornings. Therefore, there are generally no posts on mornings when the laptop is in its “non productive” location.

Eventually, at some pont in the week I’ll probably need to use my laptop to complete some task, which means I have to move it to one of the “productive” locations. Which productive location to use (dining table or desk) is determined by which area is less messy. This setup usually works out fine…. I’ll get my tasks done, write posts if I have something to say, etc…. EXCEPT in weeks where I’m behind at work, like I am right now. I was supposed to finish like two specs last week but didn’t get to it, so now I’m stressed out trying to finish that stuff in the next couple days. Sigh. In weeks like this, I just can’t bring myself to write posts. I feel like if I’m spending energy composing sentences and putting my thoughts together, I really should be doing that on specs rather than uselessly on blog posts. Guilt!!!

So now you know. Next time you visit this site and see no fresh material, you’ll know it’s because my laptop is in its non-productive location, or I’m behind at work or I’ve had a very boring few days!


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