Atta Ikede

December 17, 2008

The girl we met in Korea

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One of my best friends from university and I went on a 5 week trip to asia after we graduated. It was a great trip. During this trip, we spent 1 entire week in South Korea – in Seoul.  Seoul was so fun! We went to “lotte world”, which is their local Canada’s wonderland style theme park, we made paper lanterns and other crafts at a massive buddhist festival, we stayed out all night at a karaoke bar with some people we met at the hostel,  we watched traditional korean dance at a small cultural village in the suburbs and took a trip to the DMZ where we saw the north korean propoganda villages (ok, that part was sad and freaky).  In fact, we had so much fun, we forgot about our departure and totally missed our flight! Luckily a call to Cathay Pacific preserved the all asia pass rates and they rebooked us on the next flight.

We met another girl in the hostel. She was also vegetarian, seemed to be travelling alone, and was really nice, so we chatted and I think met her for dinner once. That’s it! Apart from that dinner, I think the only other contact we had was just the typical chit chat one has with roommates in a dorm.

That university friend and I took a road trip down highway 1 to Santa Barbara a couple weekends ago. She was in town for work so we took the opportunity to enjoy what may very well be one of the last rain free weekends here. (it *hailed* last weekend! boo.)  While walking around Santa Barbara downtown, we first walked by, then into, a shoe store that was having a liquidation sale. Diesel shoes for $30! Irresistible, obviously. Anyway, while trying on shoes and discussing that a certain shoe looked like a ballet slipper, my friend brought up the girl we met in Korea as being the first person she saw wearing ballet style shoes.  I didn’t remember anything about the girl’s shoes, but my friend had a very vivid memory of that girl being one of the early adopters of the ballet-style-shoe trend, and certainly, if the girl was wearing those shoes in 2004 she was way ahead of the curve.

Interestingly, I also have a very vivid memory of that girl.  Mine relates to facial scrub. At the time, I was using body shop facial scrub. While at the sink one morning, the girl pointed out that I was using BODY scrub on my face, and that was a major no-no because the almond bits or whatever was much coarser in body scrub than in facial scrub, and that my face would get scratchy if I used the wrong product! I remember everything about this conversation! It happened over a single stainless steel sink in the hallway leading to our dorm room. The girl’s english wasn’t very good so she was using her hands to help illustrate the badness of using body scrub on my face.  I specifically remember her wagging her finger at me, saying no-no, don’t use this on your face. I even remember my reaction — a thought process that went along the lines “I’m stuck with this soap for now. Hmm, if I apply limit myself to applying very light pressure while washing my face, that’ll effectively make the larger particles act like smaller particles. Yes, I think this will work.”

Amazing, isn’t it? I can’t remember her name (did it start with a K?), or where she was from (one of the smaller european countries .. Hungary? Bulgaria??), but her advice still pops into my head sometimes and her fashion sense obviously made an impression on my university friend.


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