Atta Ikede

December 21, 2008


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I was using a box of Canadian “Sunlight” brand dishwasher detergent until recently. I guess the movers just threw it in along with the other stuff when they packed up my old apartment in Toronto.

I kept forgetting to pick up a new box when the Sunlight ran out. I’d come home from the supermarket and be like “doh!”. Amazingly, I even forgot to pick it up when it was on my grocery list! Funny how my eyeballs can miss entire items on my to-do lists.

When, about a month ago, I was in a hardware type dollar store and suddenly remembered to buy some. I bought a box they were selling for $1.50. It was a small box and it looked sketchy. Even the wineglass picture on the box with its garish sparkle didn’t look clean. Instead of a normal metal pour spout that can be opened and closed like my Sunlight box had, this box had just a perforated hole that can either be permanently open or permanently closed.

Turns out this detergent sucks. I haven’t changed the way I load the dishwasher, or what kind of dishes I put in there, but these days there’s usually dried food stuck to the dishes afterwards and sometimes there’s a film on pots and pans. Who knew there was a quality gradient with dishwasher detergent?

This morning, while unloading last week’s dishes so I could clear my desk of this week’s items, I was not surprised to find dried food stuck to some glasses. I could see the dirtiness as I put the glasses away, but the dirt was outside so I didn’t feel the urge to clean it thoroughly. I also found a pot that was still dirty, so I put that in the sink for handwashing attention.

Later, when I was pouring the crappy detergent in and closing the door on today’s load, I realized I’m running low on dishwasher detergent.

Amazingly, my first though was “I should try to buy this one again.”



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