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January 31, 2009

Waltz with Bashir

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You have to see this movie.


January 26, 2009


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I had lots of visitors last year and so far it looks like 2009 is going to shape up to be another fun year of people visiting me and me visiting them!

One of my former coworkers messaged me last night to say he’ll be in the area for a week staying with his brother. I’ll meet up with him next week. Then I’m going to Vegas for a reunion with my university housemates in March, then my parents are coming, and then I am planning to take 3 weeks off, 1 week of which I’ll spend in Sydney with Rabbit working remotely, then 2 weeks doing other stuff on vacation days. I haven’t specifically planned the other stuff but I’m vaguely thinking south and south east Asia. We’ll see. Flying around between various countries there seems a little expensive, so I’ll probably just pick one other must-hit destination and then pick whatever is cheapest near that. I also found a few local air passes that might offer flight expense relief.

Once I get back from my trip, my best friend from highschool is scheduled to visit for a few days.

After that plans are a little sparse and non-specific, but based on my experience of getting surprise emails from people saying  “I’m visiting San Francisco!” I’m pretty confident they’ll flush out nicely. So far I have plans to squeeze in a trip to Canada in July for the long weekend, and there are some plans for Julie and hopefully Picnic Buddy to visit in the fall. I have a free flight on Southwest so I might use that to go to Boston and visit a university friend who visited me this past December. She really loves Boston and said I should visit in the fall. I already booked a ticket back to Canada for US Thanksgiving. If budget allows I’d also like to go to Illinois to visit my cousins and their baby at some point this year, hopefully on Memorial Day or Labour Day weekend so my family can drive down and meet us too!

I’m really happy I moved to a city that people like to visit!! And I’m also really happy I get 3 weeks of vacation a year! hehe :)

January 25, 2009

Personality Clashes

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You know what I’m talking about – you go out with some people, on a trip, or out for the day, and the day turns into a day of social disaster because certain people in the group don’t get along.

When I got home today and checked the Rabbit’s blog though, and saw her post about personality clashes on a recent trip she was on, the first thought I had was “geez.. that’s definitely the worst!!”. I’d take a day of struggling alone with css over social incompatibility problems any time!

I was thinking about it. Say there is a group of x friends. Personality clashes must involve at least 2 people and at most ALL people. Let’s just ignore the case of all people in the group having a massive personality clash .. hopefully people involved in such a situation would have the good sense to get away from each other after a few minutes!

Anyway, so basically we have between (x-2) and 1 person in the group left over who are not part of the personality clash, right? These people will sometimes actively try to sort out the problem, but more often than not will just retreat into a kind of hand wringing observer role.

Me being me, the times I’ve been in personality clashing social groups, I’m either part of the clash (A role which I don’t play as often as I used to!) or if I’m not involved I get away from the clashing social group as fast as possible. (This is the scenario that happens more often these days. Disengage and run away!!)

The times I’ve been one of the troublemakers in the group, I have to say that the hand wringing types in the group annoyed me more than the other troublemaker(s). All those awkward pauses, anxious glances, and passive aggressive statements that the hand wringers contributed to the fray always just increased my irritation level! I wouldn’t be surprised if my opinion in this regard was shared by other people who play or have played the troublemaker role in the group.

January 23, 2009

My Photos

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I signed up with an online photo sharing service.  I really, really, love my photos, and I do not trust facebook, which is why I decided not to put very many photos there.

Anyway, I used to have a link to my photo site on the blog, but decided to remove that because strangers might come across this blog.

Soo… for those of you who comment and thus make your presence known to me, I will add you to my photo site and I’ll email you when I add new stuff. Old skool! hehe. I’m excited about sharing my travels and my new city with you :) Everybody else, well, since I don’t know who you are, you don’t get photos.


Caroline Kennedy

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I finally got around to watching video clips of Caroline Kennedy: I recommend this clip of an interview she did with the AP.

You guys probably already know about this drama – she’s JFK’s daughter and although she’s never gotten involved with politics before, cast herself in the running for the NY senate seat that Clinton is vacating. People were initially excited about this announcement because of the JFK connection. I really don’t think Caroline Kennedy has any other claim to fame.

It’s amazing that the name and legacy of a president who was killed over 40 years ago still carry such weight and meaning in America. When I think of JFK, the first thing that pops into my head is the bay of pigs invasion. The second is Jackie O’s amazing dresses. And yes, I do think of her as “Jackie O.” When many Americans think of JFK, they think about things like the glory of America, and glamour, and things like that. They get overwhelmed by a “those were the glory days!” mentality. I only know this based on what I heard on NPR, but I think we Ontario-and-eastward Canadians have a similar phenomenon with the Trudeau story and glorification. (Western Canadians obviously hate the guy for good reason. Haha.) Every country probably has their possibly-undeservedly-excessivily-glorified former-leader and related dynasty.


January 22, 2009

New Milk Jug

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The place I work at has some free food at work – including a good variety of cereal. I think that’s why we also have a fridge full of milk! The fridge starts off full of milk at the beginning of the week, and by the end there’s nothing left.

You know how in Canada, a “family sized” milk package comes in 4L bags? For my lonely Denverian reader, here’s a picture of a giant Canadian milk bag. (Canadians don’t have to click that. I know you guys probably have one of those in the fridge right now).

I’m pretty sure that those don’t exist anywhere in the states. I remember going on family vacations down the east coast to our timeshare and nowhere – not virginia, either carolina, tennessee, florida, georgia, louisiana, new york, and nowhere in between – did I see those giant milk bags.

Instead, in the states, we use gigantic plastic jugs. Each jug has 1 gallon of milk. 1 gallon = 3.78 litres. And yes people, it’s litre, not liter! Hehe.

The normal plastic jug, the jug I’ve seen in my travels around the states, and the jug we had at work until yesterday, looked like this.

But .. surprise! Yesterday I went to work, opened the fridge, and saw something that looks like this! At first, I didn’t even think it WAS a milk jug! I had to do a doubletake!

My boss happened to be in the kitchen when I was noticing the jug, and we spent a few seconds discussing  the new design.

1. It’s more stackable. There’s even a groove at the top and a corresponding lump at the bottom that makes it really obvious that one jug can stand on top of another. A clear improvement over the old design, which was definitely not stackable.

2. I noted it has a slimmer profile. It’s more tall and rectangular, which is good for smaller fridges like the one I have in my apartment.  The old jug had no hope of fitting in my fridge door shelf. The new one has a footprint similar to that of a pop bottle and therefore will probably fit.

3. My boss noted it probably takes less plastic to make. The old jug had a lot of wasted molded platsic at the top around the handle area. No milk can go there.. that material was purely used for making a handle.

I went back to my desk and googled in case anybody else had noticed the new milk jug. Unsurprisingly, I found tons of hits! Apparently, the new milk jug design was rolled out LAST SUMMER at costco and some walmarts/sams clubs. I guess the change didn’t make it out here until recently, cuz the girl who orders the work food said she didn’t do anything different this time and it was the first time I saw this new thing. Other coworkers were also surprised by it.

I was happy to see my boss and I hit on the key benefits of the new design in our 30 second analysis. Yes!! I love product people.  This new design has pretty significant environmental benefits due to its stacking ability – it renders milk crates and the processes to clean and move them unnecessary and obsolete. It also requires less plastic to make. If you read the article, you’ll notice that some people complain that it’s trickier to pour, but I had problems with the old jug too so meh, I’m unmoved by this complaint.

I hope this change spurs other firms into improving their packaging too. Excessive, wasteful packaging sucks.

January 17, 2009


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pete1 This is my new Pete!Those of who’ve been to my place in Toronto will know what I mean.

January 14, 2009


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I got a suspicious traffic spike with yesterday’s post so I made it private.

Speaking of traffic, it looks like a lot of people are searching for the german girl in this edge shave gel commercial. I posted about that commercial a while back when I started watching stuff on hulu. At the time, hulu’s ad content was desperately pathetic, in that the edge shave gel commercial appeared to be the ONLY commercial they had in inventory! They just cycled it again, and again, and again, and again, and I ended up watching the commercial so many times that the background hula aloha music in the commercial was stuck in my head for several hours afterwards.

I’m happy to report that hulu’s ad content has since improved: Nowadays they seem to be favouring a blackberry bold commercial similar to this one.

January 13, 2009

The Porn

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Only in San Francisco … (warning – the post below is kind of hilarious but might make you a leeetle uncomfortable!)


January 10, 2009

Update on “shopping for produce only”

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Ok .. so remember the time I said i’m only going to only buy produce because I came home one day and realized i bought bread when i had rice, rice when i had tortillas, tortillas when i had flour, etc. etc.?

Since then i’m happy to report that i’ve worked through a lot of what was in my fridge and cupboard, but i must confess I did buy a few non-produce items, including brown rice (i had some brown rice salad at a restaurant and found it yummy), crackers (Dare crackers. Made in Canada and so good w/ cheese, ketchup and olives!), and I bought some fresh baked bread from Acme bakery last weekend. A lot of people told me that bakery was really good so I gave it a try. It was good!

Overall, I have to admit that my war on corn syrup is going a lot better than this produce only rule…

On an unrelated note, I went to the supermarket a couple days ago. I was waiting in the checkout line behind a woman who was in the process of having her items scanned and passed to the bagging clerk.

Safeway here has a good system in that it’s pretty expensive if you don’t have a club card but not unreasonable if you do have a club card. Any store clerk can give you a club card if you ask for one, and they don’t take any personal information down, so it’s a risk free card. I think it’s a pretty smart system on their end – they totally gouge the suckers who are travelling or don’t have the sense to ask about the club card (i was a sucker for an entire month!! haha.) and have ok prices for regular customers.

Anyway, so the woman in front of me took out her safeway card after her purchases had been scanned and asked the check out clerk what her savings were. The clerk replied saying she saved $2 on some juice, the original price of which had been $9.99. The woman had only purchased a few items, and so the juice in question was right in front of her nose and it was obvious that was the offensive juice.

The woman looked at the juice and I literally saw sticker shock in action. Her eyes totally glazed over and she was like um… this juice cost TEN dollars? (Note: It looked like a really lame juice to me – it was the size of a tropicana carton except it was a plastic jug, and the packaging was ugly, but I think it was one of those anti oxidant juices… probably made of pomegranates or something… which is probably why it was so expensive. Luckily I’m not attracted to such products.)  She kind of freaked out a bit and gave us the impression she didn’t want the juice, and so the clerk got nervous and asked if the juice should be removed or what. But the woman, instead of following through saying “yes, remove the juice”, just kind of shrugged at the end like she was totally powerless and in a trance and picked up her stuff and left!

I wonder if she’s even going to enjoy that juice when she takes it home. Or maybe she’ll have to pretend to like it after the sticker shock incident at the store.

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