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January 7, 2009


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Wake up in my bedroom to the dull sound of my phone alarm. The phone is on my desk, in the living room, but i can hear it. Stumble down the hallway to turn it off. Bring the device back to bed with me. Set it to give myself another half hour of sleep, roll over, and fall back asleep.

Wake up 1.5 hours later. Mildly annoyed I didn’t hear the alarm the second time. Mildly annoyed that I set 6 am alarms for myself when I know I dont normally want to wake up that early. Wonder why I heard it the first time, when it was in the next room, but not the second, when it was next to me. Dismiss these thoughts easily. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Get ready for work.

Open my fridge and investigate the cream. Decide it hasn’t gone bad and is safe to drink. I don’t check the expiry date printed on the box. It’s irrelevant if I know the product inside is still good, right?

Make coffee. Mmm.Take out some frozen home made soup. I’ll eat that for lunch.

Turn on my computer. Finish watching the episode of The Wire from last night. I’m almost at the end of the season and totally addicted. Dither for 2 seconds about whether to watch the last episode now in the morning. Watching it means i’ll be a bit late for work, but I don’t have meetings till 11 so it’s safe.

Watch the last episode of The Wire. Turns out to be a little bittersweet. Finish my coffee.

Leave for work. Take my bus pass. Sift through yesterday’s mail looking for The Economist. Annoyed one isn’t there.

Squeeze myself between 2 large men on the back seat of the bus. The 3 of us cant sit shoulder to shoulder. I compromise by hunching myself into the smallest possible position. Uncomfortable. Had to sit because the bus was getting full and it’s rude to leave a seat wasted. Catch a guy sitting across from me smirking at my predicament.

Me and the guy on my right slowly settle into a truce over the next few blocks – each of us has one shoulder in, one shoulder straight. I catch the guy sitting across from me smirking at me again. He’s scribbling some kind of journal. I wonder if he’s writing about me and my predicament. I wonder if he writes about me as “the girl in the predicament.”

Go to work.

Realize I forgot the soup at home. Buy a sandwich for lunch.

Leave work at 5:30 with a coworker and head to a wine bar in the Ferry building. Enjoy 2.5 glasses of wine. half a baguette, a quarter pound of locally made Brie cheese (the local dairy brands it “Mt. Tam” cheese – named after Mt. Tamalpais, a local mountain just north of the GG Bridge) and a lot of olives. Mmm! Wander back on to Market Street, drunk enough to be happily tipsy and a little sleepy.

Catch the 1-California home.

Bus hits a garbage town just east of Chinatown. Bus driver gets out to investigate the damage. I guess things are all good because bus driver gets back onto the bus and we continue on.

Bus makes a scary sound and creaks to a stop just west of Chinatown. Bus driver gets out to rearrange the electric cables. This bus route is electric, so the driver has to plus the streetcar style poles back into the electrical lines if they fall out. Bus driver completes his work and gets back to the bus. In the meantime, about a dozen Chinese people have swarmed the bus and totally packed it. Driver gets on the speaker. Apparently, the bus is so swarmed that it’s sunk too low in the front to be able to go up the hill! Hills here are steep, trust me. This scenario is entirely plausible.

Several people jump off the bus to even it out. Nothing happens.

More people jump off.

Bus drivers comes on the speaker to inform us the bus is messed up and it’s going to be rescued. The remaining passengers, including me, jump off the bus. I literally had to jump off. The distance between the bottom step and the street was almost 2 feet. It’s those crazy hills!

I walk north a couple blocks, intending to catch the 12 bus home. I almost make it to the stop when I see taxi. I take the taxi home. This being the tiny 7-7 mi city of San Francisco, my cab fare is only $7.

Home, I check my mail one more time. I see a letter from AT&T. Great. Probably a bill.

Stumble into my apartment. Drop my keys twice in the process of unlocking my door. Hehe.

Turn on the hall light to find that it’s dead. Um, actually it died 3 months ago and I’ve been too lazy to replace it. Turn on the bathroom light so I can take off my shoes. Turn on my bedroom light to find it also unresponsive. i don’t have an overhead light in my bedroom, so the wall switch and the local lamp switch on my bedside table often end up working at cross purposes. I change into my pyjamas using the light from the bathroom as a guide.

Make my way in the semi-darkness to the living room. Turn on the light to find that one unresponsive as well. I recall I unplugged it to make space for my monitor and my iPhone charger. Stumble a few steps further to my desk. Turn on my desk lamp. Turn on my laptop.

Move my bad off my chair and sit down to write today’s blog posts. Haven’t blogged in a while and got the urge to do so while cabbing home.

Turn on the heating while writing posts. Place my feet in the usual positions, but feet are sensitive today and get overheated quickly. Turn off heating.

Finish writing post.



  1. These two posts are probably my favorites!

    Comment by picnic buddy — January 8, 2009 @ 9:36 am

  2. Really? hehe. ok. Maybe i’ll write more like this in a few months. “a day in the life” …

    Comment by attaikede — January 8, 2009 @ 6:31 pm

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