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January 7, 2009


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Wake up on the couch. Fell asleep there the previous night because I’d just gotten home from my xmas trip earlier that evening, the apartment was a bit chilly, and the living room was the warmest, tidiest room.

Get ready for work. Enjoy tea minus milk because suspect the cream, purchased around thanksgiving (late Nov) has expired, which means coffee was a no go. Somehow, black tea tastes acceptable to me but black coffee is punishment.

Turn on NPR while I catch up on thenewrepublic and consumerist, and research a crazy right wing person named Ann Coulter. Man, she’s nuts and more than a little scary. I read 3 or 4 of her columns before I give up in disgust.

[ sidenote –  I forgot how to program the settings on my stereo so once I found NPR like 6 months ago, I left it there and now it’s pretty much all I listen to. Occasionally I’ll scan for music but otherwise i’m addicted to NPR. I’ve found I rather enjoy the prairie show, the nerd quiz show and the various interviews they do. ]

Leave for work. Pause in the hallway to dig up $1.50 in change for the bus ride. Dither over whether to take 0.50 in quarters or small change, because I need quarters for laundry, but become too lazy to open my container of small change and count out 0.50 so I stick with the quarters. Make a mental note to buy a bus pass on the way home.  Make a mental note to do laundry soon.

Work. Eat Subway for lunch. $3 for lunch. Can’t complain!

Leave work for home. Walk the 3 or 4 blocks to Montgomery station, where they sell bus passes. Pay cash for my January muni pass.

Walk a block back towards work, intending to catch the 1-California bus I usually take, and then change my mind, taking out my iphone, turning on the music, and deciding I’d walk home. I need the exercise, considering my pants were a little tight that morning. No joke. Seriously overate over the holidays. lol. Think about how if I could do it all over again i’d eat even more. hehe. Grin the next few blocks as I think about the delicious food I ate for the last 2 weeks. The French Toast at Elbow Room cafe in Vancouver was probably the pinnacle.

Walk from to Jones, which, though not a long walk, objectively completes the steepest part of my walk home from work. Calves burning, feet hurting, vest half open to air out my sweaty self, I rest at a bus stop and check my iPhone to confirm the 12-Pacific bus is approaching. Decide to wait there a minute and catch it. At this time in the evening, it only goes to Van Ness which is still a mile from my house. I have taken this route before and know the remaining mile is fairly flat and lined with some nice houses which, at night, makes for a pleasant walk because I can admire the rich people’s chandeliers.

Walk the mile home. Get home to find an older, eastern european man standing in front my apartment. He is smiling and is holding a bouquet of flowers. Not sure if he has keys, and don’t want him to follow me in, because he’s obviously waiting for somebody to meet him, so I fumble for my mailbox keys. While I struggle  to collect the contents of my overflowing mailbox (who knew so much junk could collect in 1.5 weeks?), a female who seems his age opens the door for the man. They kiss on the cheek. He follows her in. I catch the door before it closes and follow them in, keys in my right hand, gigantic stack of mail in my left.

I follow them up the stairs. I drop a couple letters and bend to pick them up. One is a statement for my Korean friend who has now moved back to Korea and had put my address as her local address. Wonder if I should mail her the letter or open it and scan it. Decide i’ll ask her what she wants me to do. The other looks like junk mail from Bank of America. The only bad thing about BoA is the ridiculous amounts of junk mail they send.

The couple proceed past the first floor. I guess the woman lives on the 2nd or 3rd floor. I take the door to the 1st floor and let myself into my place.

Walk in. Dump the mail in the hall closet. Take off my shoes. Tidy up a bit. Emphasis on “a bit”.

Look in the fridge for dinner. Make myself a parfait with yogurt, dried fruit and cereal. Eat it while watching The Wire. Turn on the heating. Rest my right one foot on top of my printer, the left flat on the wood floor – positions I know are optimized for catching the warm air blowing out of the heat vent under my desk. Leave my feet there until they turn red and start to itch with the heat. Eat some crackers with salsa. Drink a lot of water. Keep watching The Wire.

Start getting sleepy while watching The Wire. This is the kind of show where you have to pay attention to what’s going on. If you zone out, you have to rewind.

Zone out or doze off. I don’t remember which. Wake up, hibernate my computer and get ready for bed.

Flop into bed. My bed feels good. I forgot how comfy my mattress was.

Fall asleep.


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