Atta Ikede

January 10, 2009

Canadian snacks – winners and losers

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I was in Vancouver for 6 days over new years. I had visions of feasting on hickory sticks, timmies honey crullers and fuzzy peaches all day and going to bed with a glass of milk and a few PC decadent cookies. Mmm! Oh, maybe throw in a few Ringolos as well. Double Mmmmm!!!!! It’s amazing –  apart from family and friends, the next thing I most miss about Canada is the snacks! Wandering around Safeway in the snack aisle here just doesn’t yield as many delicious finds the same activity did in a Loblaws. It’s all very unsatisfying. There are too many tortillas here.

My Canadian snack eating summary from Vancouver is below.

Tim Hortons: Turns out the Tim Hortons explosion hasn’t caught up to the west coast yet. Maybe it’s because Vancity’s so close to Seattle, cuz there weren’t many normal Timmies style coffee shops in Vancouver, at least not that I noticed. Instead, they had lots of Starbucks and even more Blenz, which seems to be a local version of Second Cup.  I ended up having to check Google maps to find a Tim Hortons!

Luckily there did turn out to be a few locations downtown, but none were conveniently within walking distance. I kind of debated whether to go or not, because it was snowy and slushy out every day, and we always had stuff going on, and I told myself I could always get a donut in SF and maybe they weren’t so bad, etc.  Traitorous thoughts indeed! But on my last day there, I booked a zipcar so I could see some personal tourist sites (the apartment where my parents used to live when I was born, etc.), and stopped at one of the Timmies on the way back.  Just stepping into the store .. mm .. that familiar smell… mm! I bought 3 donuts: honey cruller (which admittedly was suspiciously small), a chocolate dip (acceptable size) and a long john (i thought it would be cream filled, but turned out to be a rectangular version of a chocolate dip). Then I splurged and got myself a medium regular as well.

Conclusion: Yes. Tim Hortons really is that good.

Ketchup Chips: I wasn’t a huge fan of ketchup chips when I was in Canada, but I did enjoy them from time to time. Nowadays I eat chips more frequently than I used to because they’re free at work, so maybe I’ve become a little more into chips because during this trip, I found ketchup chips to be totally irresistable. I had 4 small bags over 6 days. That’s more than I had in a typical YEAR back home!

Conclusion: Delicious! I will insist my parents have a bag at home next time I visit them.

Hickory Sticks: I used to love hickory sticks. I used to crave hickory sticks! This time, I couldn’t even finish the one small bag I bought. They just tasted too smoky or something. Grossed me out.

Conclusion: Not good. Not going to buy those anymore.

Fuzzy Peaches: Luckily my friends and family know I like these and have been kind enough to bring me or mail me packages! I’m going to eat one right now!

Conclusion: Still delicious!

Sadly, that’s all the junk food I ate during this trip. I will definitely have to eat more on my next trip.


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