Atta Ikede

January 10, 2009

Shocking donut news

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I’ve decided that the best thing about being Canadian is we can send each other emails with subject lines like that and know it’s a serious issue! lol.

Around here, a truly shocking recent story involves is a case of police brutality that happened in Oakland. Some transit police shot a guy in the back! A video tape emerged later showing the whole thing.  *_*. Terrible.

Back to donuts.

My friend, “picnic buddy”, sent me an email with this subject earlier this week: Shocking donut news. She went on to describe how she thinks the donuts have gotten markedly smaller recently and the one she got with her soup the other day seemed really tiny. She said the new donuts look like they’re barely twice the size of those powdered sugar covered mini donuts they sell packaged in supermarkets. She wondered whether timbits would be getting smaller as well!

Just imagine it! There would probably be all kinds of repercussions if timbits got smaller. For example, every normal person has bought a box of timbits for road trips at least a few times in their life. 20 timbits are usually the right amount. Will the 45 pack of tim-micro-bits be the new norm? But the thing about timbits is that they’re little, so it feels like a nice little treat to get them and eat them. Buying 45 of them doesn’t seem like a “nice little treat” anymore – it sounds downright gluttinous! Hmm. What does a road warrior do? Buy chips instead? Popcorn? Those little mini cookies? Those store bought mini donuts?

Anyways …

A little googling indicates that other people have ranted about the decreasing size of Timmies donuts as well, though I didn’t find anything shocking jumping out at me recently. Maybe they’ve been getting smaller over time and she just noticed, or maybe the local store she buys them from has been thawing an older batch of frozen donuts and recently switched to a newer batch that is a little smaller. Who knows. It definitely seems to be an issue.



  1. The worst thing that has happened to Tim Hortons donuts is the abandonment of store made donuts to the frozen ones.

    Comment by Dad — January 11, 2009 @ 2:39 pm

  2. Agreed! Frozen donuts – truly a case of excessive supply chain optimization. “always fresh”. What a lie!

    Comment by attaikede — January 23, 2009 @ 12:19 pm

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