Atta Ikede

January 10, 2009

Update on “shopping for produce only”

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Ok .. so remember the time I said i’m only going to only buy produce because I came home one day and realized i bought bread when i had rice, rice when i had tortillas, tortillas when i had flour, etc. etc.?

Since then i’m happy to report that i’ve worked through a lot of what was in my fridge and cupboard, but i must confess I did buy a few non-produce items, including brown rice (i had some brown rice salad at a restaurant and found it yummy), crackers (Dare crackers. Made in Canada and so good w/ cheese, ketchup and olives!), and I bought some fresh baked bread from Acme bakery last weekend. A lot of people told me that bakery was really good so I gave it a try. It was good!

Overall, I have to admit that my war on corn syrup is going a lot better than this produce only rule…

On an unrelated note, I went to the supermarket a couple days ago. I was waiting in the checkout line behind a woman who was in the process of having her items scanned and passed to the bagging clerk.

Safeway here has a good system in that it’s pretty expensive if you don’t have a club card but not unreasonable if you do have a club card. Any store clerk can give you a club card if you ask for one, and they don’t take any personal information down, so it’s a risk free card. I think it’s a pretty smart system on their end – they totally gouge the suckers who are travelling or don’t have the sense to ask about the club card (i was a sucker for an entire month!! haha.) and have ok prices for regular customers.

Anyway, so the woman in front of me took out her safeway card after her purchases had been scanned and asked the check out clerk what her savings were. The clerk replied saying she saved $2 on some juice, the original price of which had been $9.99. The woman had only purchased a few items, and so the juice in question was right in front of her nose and it was obvious that was the offensive juice.

The woman looked at the juice and I literally saw sticker shock in action. Her eyes totally glazed over and she was like um… this juice cost TEN dollars? (Note: It looked like a really lame juice to me – it was the size of a tropicana carton except it was a plastic jug, and the packaging was ugly, but I think it was one of those anti oxidant juices… probably made of pomegranates or something… which is probably why it was so expensive. Luckily I’m not attracted to such products.)  She kind of freaked out a bit and gave us the impression she didn’t want the juice, and so the clerk got nervous and asked if the juice should be removed or what. But the woman, instead of following through saying “yes, remove the juice”, just kind of shrugged at the end like she was totally powerless and in a trance and picked up her stuff and left!

I wonder if she’s even going to enjoy that juice when she takes it home. Or maybe she’ll have to pretend to like it after the sticker shock incident at the store.


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