Atta Ikede

January 17, 2009


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pete1 This is my new Pete!Those of who’ve been to my place in Toronto will know what I mean.


  1. Yay! How is the new Pete doing? And how is Original Pete? I am so impressed that you got that plant. I miss plants.

    Comment by Cat — January 27, 2009 @ 5:15 am

  2. Hehe! New Pete is doing ok so far. I put him with my other plant for now. That spot gets decent sunlight during the day. I’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if Pete likes it.

    I also planted 2 green peas in an egg carton. They’re like 18 inches high now, and still in the egg carton. I need to repot them and get a stick for support, otherwise they might die.

    Original Pete is doing really well! He’s at my friend Sylvia’s place and apparently has a lovely spot under a skylight.

    My friend and her husband have gotten kinda attached to Pete – He is that kind of plant. A little weird looking at first but part of the family after a few weeks.

    I remember I told her I didn’t think you’d be back this March, even though it’ll have been what, 3 years now? She was happy she’ll get to keep Pete a little longer! :)

    Comment by attaikede — January 27, 2009 @ 7:52 am

  3. […] now I have 2 half dead lucky bamboos and new Pete, my hardy ikea plant. Pete theĀ  Ikea Plant weathered my 3 week absence very well! Just goes to […]

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