Atta Ikede

February 15, 2009

The Mop

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You know that theory on urban crime about how a crack down on small crimes like fare jumping and subway graffiti can help reduce larger crimes like breakins?

My dirty apartment has the same problem. When it’s clean, every kitchen spill or stray piece of shredded paper grabs my attention. But then, as time goes on and the dirty dishes pile up on my desk and the loose change and receipts emptied from my bag and pockets start spotting every surface and 3/4ths of my bed gets covered with a mix of clean and dirty clothes, the mess and dirt kinda stop being a problem.  I think I’ve gotten to the point where I find that state of affairs “cozy”!!

This morning I found a mop in the closet. I was kind of shocked when I found it. But when I looked at it, I suddenly remembered buying it a local hardware store last July or so. I bought it along with the broom I’d opened the closet to grab. I was even smart enough to buy a mop with features! The scrubby part is “microbacterial” or something and it has a plastic thingy that you push down which squeezes the mop dry. At least that’s what the packaging claimed.

After calculating that it’s been at least 6 months since the floor was cleaned, I figured I should give the mop a test drive.

The packaging said no vinegar so I added some hotel shampoo into the mop water. I didn’t have a bucket so I rinsed out a plastic garbage can and used that instead.

And now the floor is clean! The shampoo wasn’t the greatest idea though, cuz it made the water foamy and i could actually see soap suds on the floor as I was mopping.  Maybe next time I’ll mix some baking powder into there instead. Or I could use conditioner! Hmm, I wonder if that would make the wood look shiny…


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