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March 28, 2009

My right and left

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I’m at my dining table right now and “Kiss Me” from 6 pence none the richer is on the radio. Something from 3rd Eye Blind was on a little while ago.

It’s funny when songs from that era come on the radio. Not that those were my glory years (they really were not, in any way, glorious) but it’s just fun to listen to old stuff and think hmm, 10 years ago I was listening to this song on my tape playing Walkman (I missed the CD player stage .. I admit it, but at least my Sony Walkman was shiny and cool) and it was on a mixtape I’d made by taping songs off the radio. I was probably walking home after school with Melissa and Katriina.  Oh! Katriina’s tape playing Walkman suddenly popped into my head. It was yellow and made of plastic! Mine was definitely slicker. Muahahaha!

I have a cup of coffee on my left and a bottle of cough syrup on my right. The coffee’s fresh but the bottle’s been there for the last week and a half. It’s the codeine laced cough syrup … I think I have enough left to nurse me through my next horrible flu, which I’m sure will strike this summer. Ugh. I love San Francisco but it literally makes me sick. Over and over and over again.


March 12, 2009

Back to Normal

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The last month was pretty fun but it’s all over now – back to normal for 2 weeks until I go to AUSTRALIA!!!! hehe.

I guess I could write a really long update, but I guess I’ve got some work to catch up on and the cough medicine I took a while ago is making me sleepy so I think I’m gonna just keep this short, turn on hulu and catch an episode of Friday Night Lights while I doze on the couch for a while.

Thanks for not abandoning me during this boring period of no posts!

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