Atta Ikede

May 26, 2009

Q: What’s worse than a schizophrenic neighbour?

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A: A neighbour who wears shoes in her apartment, has her radio alarm turn on at 7 am on the weekend, comes home at 3 am on saturday night, talks really l0ud, hogs the laundry room and lives upstairs.

I’ve always been able to hear a little bit of what’s going on upstairs, but it seems like this new person moved in while I was in Australia because I’m now in a very uncomfortable situation.

I thought about talking to the landlord, but I know it’s pointless. I mean, my crazy lady next door who screams and pounds on the walls when she’s not on her meds (she’s been on them for several months now… but I’ve realized she’s extremely catty and aloof. Makes me miss the days she was a recluse) has apparently been living here for 7 years, driving the old granny on my floor nuts that whole time!

The only option is to move. I checked out a few places last weekend but all that did was remind me what a daunting proposal apartment hunting is in SF.  Why?

1. High prices

2. Crappy layouts due to repeated conversions. The edwardians and converted victorian mansions are the worst.  No closet? No bedroom door? Weirdo layout where there’s a door in every wall? Where do I put my couch? Aah!

3. Lies. A “1 bedroom” apartment will be a place with a bedroom and one other room which is supposed to accomodate everything else but is usually only big enough to accomodate one couch and a tv. Nothing else.  A “2 bedroom” apartment is even worse! The 2nd bedroom is often what you’d normally call a dining room, separated from the living room by sliding doors. If it is a real bedroom and has a door and a closet, it’ll be at the expense of the living room! Hard core roommate living. That’s what I call that.

Basically you have to pound the pavement and make an immediate decision when you find the right place.  Ugh. I guess i’ll go request my credit report now. I’ll probably still need my Canadian one. What kind of US credit rating do I have with my $700 credit limit and nothing else to my name?

Honestly, I’m bitter.  Grr! I shake my fist at you, scruffy, evil woman upstairs. Screwed up my perfect lifestyle here.


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  1. Sorry to hear that you need to find something else. You have very reasonable guidelines and I think you will find something nice!

    Comment by Lisa — May 28, 2009 @ 6:19 pm

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