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June 3, 2009

Social sanity check.

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I think I’ve mentioned my friend “the rabbit” before. I guess she must love the person who gave her that nickname  because she uses it even though she’s not very rabbit-like!

Rabbit is a former co-worker who became a friend in the closing months of our tenure at the last firm I worked at.  At first or second glance, we don’t have much in common and so didn’t talk much. We both had a habit of falling asleep during team meetings though, so one day the afternoon coffee circle expanded and that’s how I ended up being friends with the small, salad eating, often glamorous, party animal Rabbit.

The best part about going to Sydney was following Rabbit around and doing regular stuff with her. Hanging out on the law school campus, going for vietnamese coffee, etc.

One thing I noticed about Rabbit’s life is that she seems to have one buddy with whom she mainly hangs out. This buddy is supplemented by a loose circle of school acquaintances and her social circle back home in Canada.

Rabbit’s a bit disappointed with her social life in Australia. Objectively, from what I know of her, I think her life seems fun but her reaction is kind of logical. She really was a bit of a party animal and Sydney, though very pretty, is certainly no Toronto. Plus she lives in the ‘burbs of Sydney and does not have a car! In my opinion that’s the real problem. She’s trapped. I grew up in a small city surrounded by cornfields so I can relate. But I had a car! Thank you Dad!!!!!

I walked home from work yesterday because I was a little stressed out. I started thinking, my life here is similar to Rabbit’s life in Sydney.  I have one buddy who I talk to every day and who knows the small things about me – when I’m sick, when I made stuffed tomatoes and when I saw a cute guy on the bus. Then I have some local friends I’ve made plus I have my friends and family at home.

But later, after I was sweaty and my heart was pounding after I’d climbed a few hills, I realized what I wrote above is a total lie!! My life here is not similar to Rabbit’s.

My buddy doesn’t live here. She lives in CAMBRIDGE ONTARIO!!! lol. She’s my virtual buddy! But to balance that out, things here are pretty good!  I don’t always call people in 416 or 519 when I’m having a problem these days. There are people right here who I can talk to! People I can hang out at the pier with all afternoon, or go out with.

The only down side is that I’d never throw a party here. Cuz of the whole no-buddy situation, I’m afraid all the people I would invite may have plans with their actual buddies, and so nobody would come, but apart from that, things are good. I mean, honestly, I didn’t have that many parties in Toronto either, so it’s no big loss.

Overall, I’m happy with the current state of affairs.

How does this sound to you? lol. Are you suddenly filled with pity? Do you feel like your life is better than mine? Or are you jealous that I spend an afternoon “hanging out at the pier”. hehe ;)



  1. FYI. I’m happy to report the score was 0 for pity and several for jealousy. That’s what I like to hear.

    Comment by attaikede — June 6, 2009 @ 9:23 am

  2. I am not filled with pity of jealousy. I am glad that your life in SF is satisfying and that you still keep in contact with your Canadian friends (being one of them I especially appreciate it). Not everyone has real “buddies” to hang out with every day… I know I sure don’t. I do, however, have enough people in my life to feel loved and wanted in my social circle… no matter how large or small. And no matter if you are feeling a little friend-deprived you can always know that I’m always here for you!

    Comment by Lisa — July 16, 2009 @ 6:23 pm

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