Atta Ikede

June 21, 2009

Am I so “web 1.0”?

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The new york times had an article recently about twitter and blogging and a bunch of related breathless, mostly useless reporting.

Anyway, in there they interviewed a girl whose blog was apparently quite popular during the early 2000s. She gave it up after a couple years and has now restarted a blog with shorter, impersonal posts. The first was anonymous. The new one is not, but given that she no longer writes about personal stuff, I guess it’s not an issue for her. She’s quoted in the article as saying her old blog was so “web 1.0”.

I kind of think what makes this little blog fun is that it is personal. Observations about SF are great, but it also feels good to write about the other stuff, if nothing else then sometimes just to get those thoughts off my chest. I like reading your comments on those things too. Funny how most of the time, I come here with nothing really on my mind, like I did 5 minutes ago, and now I’m 2 paragraphs in.

Geez, and now i’ve gone and written another long, anonymous personal post. Old Skool!


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