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July 13, 2009

How I almost ended up with a Spanish-only house cleaner

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The painters came by today to touch up a few things they’d missed the first time.

My place is still kinda half moved in.

I’ve got like 5 cardboard boxes in the living room. I haven’t unpacked the mirror boxes so they’re still boxed up in my bedroom and I haven’t assembled my bed yet due to some social turmoil (i need some help in putting it together, and plans were made and broken several times last week).I’m sleeping on a mattress that’s got a sheet and a sleeping bag on it. The spot I put my desk in is too far away from a plug so I have to move it to another corner, which I haven’t gotten around to, so half the computer stuff is on the desk and the other half is on the floor near the new spot.

There were two painters. A guy and a girl. The guy did all the work. The only thing I saw the girl do the whole time was wet a sponge for him and get extremely chatty in Spanish.

The guy didn’t comment on my state of affairs but the girl gave the place a few bemused looks and kind of looked me over as well.  I was wearing something lame like track pants.

Anyway, they finish up and as they’re leaving, the guy says to me: “She cleans houses, you know.”

Me: “oh… um, thanks, but i’ll be ok”

Guy: “She cleans houses, she can do it”

Me: “No, that’s ok, thanks.”

The man was very polite but his English was a bit rough and so we couldn’t communicate much. I didn’t hear the woman speak English at all …


July 8, 2009

Happy 7-8-9

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A coworker sent me a link today of a picture that had a picture of the usno clock reading 12:34:56 pm pacific time on July 8th 2009.

I was like .. ?? I don’t get it.

He replied: 123456789!

July 4, 2009

Towel made by Orphans

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A few months ago, .. No. Ok. Probably last summer, so more like almost a year ago, I went to a small movie screening about orphans in India. The director of the orphanage where much of the filming took place was present that night, as was the director.

At the end of the screening, the director of the orphanage made a request for donations to help support the orphanage. She also handed out some towels. When I unfolded the towel to look at it, I saw 40 stick figures in maroon arranged tidily in 5 rows. Each child’s stick figure self-portrait had been printed on the towel along with the child’s name. The director said the kids had “made” these towels for us, but thankfully the uniform print and fabric quality screamed factory production so I assumed she meant that the kids had submitted the drawings and the actual towels had been put together at a local print shop.

The towel made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I don’t carry much cash on me, so I donated what I had and left.

From that day until i packed up my old apartment last weekend, that towel was in turns: balled up in the hall closet, at the bottom of the pile of normal hand towels and at the bottom of my dirty laundry.

I never used it. It ended up in its third location mainly because I found it in locations 1 and 2, felt unsure as to whether this was suitable for using, and decided I should just wash it, cuz it might be dirty from so much storage.

I sliced open most of my boxes this morning while looking for a mug so I could make some coffee. I didn’t find a mug (I ended up making the coffee on a stove top and drinking it out of the French press glass carafe), but I did find a box of dirty laundry.

I thought to myself .. “that towel’s in there”

July 1, 2009

Remember the milk jug post?

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You won’t believe this, but it’s one of the most popular ones! I get traffic to that post almost every week!

It’s strange what people are into.

New Place

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I’m sitting on my sleeping bag on the floor of my new living room right now, typing on my office laptop because I can’t find my personal laptop power cable and the battery is dead, and the monitor for my desktop is buried in the center of the boxes so I can’t pull it out. I’m also mooching off somebody else’s wifi. Luckily there’s a unit of 12 studio apartments kitty corner from here, so I figured at least one of those dudes would have unsecured internet, and i was right! Muahahaha!

Unfortunately, some painters are supposed to come tomorrow or the day after, so I can’t really start unpacking yet. That’s why I’m in the sleeping bag… (the bedroom is full of boxes so I can’t even put the damn bed together!

Welcome to the alley.

This new neighbourhood is already more “real” than pacific heights was. A chinese family appears to live next door. When the movers came yesterday, the grandma was leaning out the window yelling something to her son/tenant/friend who was downstairs smoking a cigarette. I tried to introduce myself but neither one of them really spoke English, though the man was able to communicate that the movers would have a hard time getting my couch upstairs, and I agreed. I told them I was a new neighbour and pointed at my door, and the guy nodded, so I think we’re clear. Walking around here, I’ve also seen an old filipino granny being helped down some steep stairs by her relatives. I never saw any ethnic families in the actual houses in Pacific Heights. The main shopping streets of course had some diversity, because the shopping area is popular and people will come by to spend a few hours there, but the hardcore residential area there was totally white and definitely rich.

That being said, I’m right on the edge of another trendy area here, so there are still some party animal types around. Lots of tourists too, cuz I’m really close to little italy.

I love the new apartment so far. The guy who owns the place is an architect, which explains some of the nice touches. Every room has overhead lights on dimmers, there’s tons of storage, there’s a skylight, and the bedroom has basic french doors which lead out to a green and white patio/stairwell. I think he lived here like 20 years ago, which was when he redid it to suit himself, and it’s been rented out since he moved on. The place has a beach-house, laissez faire quality which is fun.  The light switches have different styles and the appliances don’t match, that type of thing. Plus, technically, I suppose I’m a few blocks closer to the ocean which adds to the feeling. I can actually see alcatraz when I poke my head out the window. I’m still several blocks away but the other houses line up just right so I get a little view. I can even see the light from the lighthouse when it shines in this direction! The actual view from my window is basically of other people’s patios and a couple flowering trees, but at least there’s no building literally across the street from me, so I can probably keep my windows open most of the time. All in all, I think it’s going to be a good setup!

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