Atta Ikede

July 1, 2009

New Place

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I’m sitting on my sleeping bag on the floor of my new living room right now, typing on my office laptop because I can’t find my personal laptop power cable and the battery is dead, and the monitor for my desktop is buried in the center of the boxes so I can’t pull it out. I’m also mooching off somebody else’s wifi. Luckily there’s a unit of 12 studio apartments kitty corner from here, so I figured at least one of those dudes would have unsecured internet, and i was right! Muahahaha!

Unfortunately, some painters are supposed to come tomorrow or the day after, so I can’t really start unpacking yet. That’s why I’m in the sleeping bag… (the bedroom is full of boxes so I can’t even put the damn bed together!

Welcome to the alley.

This new neighbourhood is already more “real” than pacific heights was. A chinese family appears to live next door. When the movers came yesterday, the grandma was leaning out the window yelling something to her son/tenant/friend who was downstairs smoking a cigarette. I tried to introduce myself but neither one of them really spoke English, though the man was able to communicate that the movers would have a hard time getting my couch upstairs, and I agreed. I told them I was a new neighbour and pointed at my door, and the guy nodded, so I think we’re clear. Walking around here, I’ve also seen an old filipino granny being helped down some steep stairs by her relatives. I never saw any ethnic families in the actual houses in Pacific Heights. The main shopping streets of course had some diversity, because the shopping area is popular and people will come by to spend a few hours there, but the hardcore residential area there was totally white and definitely rich.

That being said, I’m right on the edge of another trendy area here, so there are still some party animal types around. Lots of tourists too, cuz I’m really close to little italy.

I love the new apartment so far. The guy who owns the place is an architect, which explains some of the nice touches. Every room has overhead lights on dimmers, there’s tons of storage, there’s a skylight, and the bedroom has basic french doors which lead out to a green and white patio/stairwell. I think he lived here like 20 years ago, which was when he redid it to suit himself, and it’s been rented out since he moved on. The place has a beach-house, laissez faire quality which is fun.  The light switches have different styles and the appliances don’t match, that type of thing. Plus, technically, I suppose I’m a few blocks closer to the ocean which adds to the feeling. I can actually see alcatraz when I poke my head out the window. I’m still several blocks away but the other houses line up just right so I get a little view. I can even see the light from the lighthouse when it shines in this direction! The actual view from my window is basically of other people’s patios and a couple flowering trees, but at least there’s no building literally across the street from me, so I can probably keep my windows open most of the time. All in all, I think it’s going to be a good setup!


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