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July 13, 2009

How I almost ended up with a Spanish-only house cleaner

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The painters came by today to touch up a few things they’d missed the first time.

My place is still kinda half moved in.

I’ve got like 5 cardboard boxes in the living room. I haven’t unpacked the mirror boxes so they’re still boxed up in my bedroom and I haven’t assembled my bed yet due to some social turmoil (i need some help in putting it together, and plans were made and broken several times last week).I’m sleeping on a mattress that’s got a sheet and a sleeping bag on it. The spot I put my desk in is too far away from a plug so I have to move it to another corner, which I haven’t gotten around to, so half the computer stuff is on the desk and the other half is on the floor near the new spot.

There were two painters. A guy and a girl. The guy did all the work. The only thing I saw the girl do the whole time was wet a sponge for him and get extremely chatty in Spanish.

The guy didn’t comment on my state of affairs but the girl gave the place a few bemused looks and kind of looked me over as well.  I was wearing something lame like track pants.

Anyway, they finish up and as they’re leaving, the guy says to me: “She cleans houses, you know.”

Me: “oh… um, thanks, but i’ll be ok”

Guy: “She cleans houses, she can do it”

Me: “No, that’s ok, thanks.”

The man was very polite but his English was a bit rough and so we couldn’t communicate much. I didn’t hear the woman speak English at all …



  1. I can’t stop giggling at this post….

    Comment by picnic buddy — July 17, 2009 @ 9:08 am

  2. Apparently this “painter offering his female companion as house cleaner” scenario is totally unsurprising!

    I told this story to my California born-raised coworker and he smirked and gave me this been-there=done-that look.

    Comment by attaikede — July 19, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

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