Atta Ikede

August 30, 2009

Outside my window

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My suitcase is unpacked but not put away (surprise surprise). It’s lying on the floor, where it’s been pushed successively, one toe push per day for the last week, to its current place between my faux TV stand and the heating unit on the wall. I’m avoiding putting it away because the suitcase storage spot I’ve come up with is really high and I really have to strain myself to get things up there or take them down from there.

It’s foggy and there’s a cold breeze today. The window next to me is open. I’m going to Ikea later this afternoon to buy wooden box planters for the window boxes. Hopefully I’m going to buy 2 for $5.99 each. Outside, I can hear a dog barking, the electric muni bus going by on Union, and in the distance, a ship’s foghorn.



August 12, 2009

Butt or Gut?

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Going a little crazy here at the airport waiting for my flight home (well, to Buffalo).

My coworker’s slowly mutating into a mom-meets-teenager hybrid creature. It’s “i’m bored, i want to talk on the phone” one minute and “are you hungry?” the next. I told her I’m grumpy.


I tried to play the penguin shooting game on miniclip but my mousing didn’t work and i couldn’t shoot any penguins. That made me sad.

August 10, 2009

Ruffles and miniskirts in a tech company

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I think it’s important to look at this in the context of a youngish tech company, cuz I think there are lots of things you can get away with in a tech company that aren’t acceptable in formal environments or older environments/industries.

One of the female engineers and I have been working out of the NYC office for the last week. Manhattan at this time of year is hot and muggy, which is refreshing after the constant chill in San Francisco. It feels good to walk around in a strappy tanktop or sleeveless dress all day, and we’ve taken advantage of the weather to do so. My coworker started remarking that she wanted to dress the same way at work, but I disagreed, so we got into a little debate about it.

I think it’s ok to wear stuff like this here but not ok to wear this in San Francisco for the following reasons:

1. we’ve got an actual office that we’re sharing here. No cubicles, which means there’s more privacy. Plus the office is tiny, so it’s not like 200 coworkers are seeing me in whatever outfit I’m wearing. It’s more like 10.

2. it’s super hot outside! Every female in this office is wearing a dress right now and cuz it’s a sales office here, they’re all pretty stylish.  The other women in tech at work don’t often dress up, and when they do, it’s not often a “girly” or “dressy” look. Wearing these outfits back home would be more of a deviation from the norm than the same outfits are here.

My coworker’s counterargument to my points here were that with our reputations established at work, it’s ok for us to wear more feminine things to work once in a while. It doesn’t matter whether we’re wearing a pink sundress or a tshirt and jeans – we’ll be taken seriously no matter what.

My argument is that while our points in meetings would be taken seriously, dressing that way in our normal work environment adds a layer of potential weirdness that I just would rather stay away from. The women in tech contingent at work, such as it is, is tiny! 4 women in engineering and 3 in PM. I’m the youngest. The oldest is about 40. I think we’re too small of group for one of us to start being frilly and girly.


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