Atta Ikede

September 18, 2009

Embarassed to be an engineer

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The ipod app on my iphone had been stuck playing songs on repeat for the last 2 months!

Somehow I activated the repeat song function and couldn’t turn it off! I lived with it for so long because:
(1) i lost my headphones and didn’t buy new ones for 6 of those 8 weeks and
(2) in the last two weeks since i bought new headphones and had this problem, i was so zoned out walking home that I didn’t even notice the song was on repeat and only had the “doh! that was on repeat!” moment when I was practically at the end of my walk and too lazy to google for instructions on how to un-repeatify the playlist! For example, I listened to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean on repeat for the entire 25 minute walk to work today without noticing it was on repeat. Scary, truly.

Anyway, I just pulled out the silly thing out so I could listen to some music at work and thankfully had an aha moment before I even put the headphones in my ear. A quick google search turned up instructions and I’m proud to report I am now listening to smashmouth repeat-free.


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