Atta Ikede

September 19, 2009

3 more important domestic lessons

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  1. Buying a very cheap shower curtain that’s as thin as one of those el-cheapo plastic grocery bags is ok! I got one for 1.99 in a “dollar store” in nearby chinatown that had aisles so close together that two people of my size can barely squeeze past each other and so crammed with off-brand merchandise from China covering every possible household need that you can spend all afternoon in there marveling at the Engrish and hyper-sketchy packaging and wondering what kind of mainland connections the non-english speaking, middle aged counter clerk/presumable shop owner has.

  2. Buying very cheap pot scrubbers from the same dollar store is not ok. They were suspiciously soft when I poked at them in the store, but $6 for $1!? Maybe $1.50? Anyway, that was a big mistake. It’s really gross to use a soft limpy sponge-like blob of foam to actually scrub anything. After a couple attempts I gave up and relied on my dishwasher 90% of the time and only used the scrubby to wash the odd spoon here and there.  Even with such light use, I used them up pretty quickly and just threw the last one out earlier this morning. From now on it’s all about the cute Japanese bear shaped scrubbies. No other scrubby shall enter any kitchen in which I wash dishes.

  3. If you squeeze a lemon on a marble countertop, do not leave a mess of lemon juice splashes on the countertop overnight. More importantly, do not put a ceramic plate in the middle of the lemon juice splashes and leave that plate overnight either. In fact, I suspect that lemon juice splashes + overnight = bad situation on any countertop in any situation.  I’ll be googling for marble scarring remedies later. Oops.



  1. Yes the dollar store sponges are bad. You should have stocked up on the 50c walmart ones when you visited us. They even claim to be “antibacterial”!

    Comment by el_rodento — September 25, 2009 @ 2:21 pm

    • Ooh! Maybe I’ll do that in November :)

      Comment by attaikede — October 2, 2009 @ 4:48 pm

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