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April 18, 2010

San Diego

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I joined a friend, her coworker and one of her classmates for a semi-impromptu trip to San Diego.

San Diego: Hot bodies, short skirts, good times. It’s a small city, but more so than anywhere else in California I’ve been, this city is just a shiny bubble meant for partying and having a good time (You can do that in LA too, but it’s just so big it’ll take forever to get around). In fact, there’s not much to see or do here aside from ocean sports/activities, going to the beach, going shopping, or going out for food. When you walk around downtown after 8 on a weekend, you will see tons of girls in micro minis and heels, and lots of boys in jeans with untucked dress shirts, and it’s basically the typical club/bar scene overflowing uncontrollably onto sidewalks. It’s not cheap, but there are enough dive bars and local joints that I think you could still do a lot of the same stuff on a budget if you needed to. The people I was with here were really not the dive bar crowd, so we ended up spending a lot of money having “fun”.

All in all, it’s a perfect spot for a lazy weekend. I think next time I come here, I’m going to investigate renting a beach house or something. That would be perfect. We stayed in a resort hotel and while that sounds good on paper, in practice, this city is too small for that — it ends up being kind of isolating. Better to stay downtown and have the option of walking out for coffee and things like that.

[ Tangentially: I have to say, 2 years in San Francisco definitely made that scene seem very alien to me. Sure, there are a couple of places in SF where you can go in your stilettos, but for the most part, it’s a relaxed vibe. $20 cover and $10 drinks just to get onto a dance floor where I’ll be stepped on and stared at by guidos is just totally unappealing at this point! In fact, while I generally feel comfortable in LA, being here in San Diego definitely made me feel like yes, first of all, socal is a different planet from northern california, and for all its little drawbacks, I love SF. ]


April 9, 2010

You haven’t deserted me!

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Aw, guys, just got the warm fuzzies seeing my blog stats. Somebody’s still checking up on me! Thanks!!!

Wendy, saw your comment too! :)

I’ve had a weird and busy 3 months. Lots to tell you about. And yes, I will tell you where I watched all the other Canada games. Hehe. It was really fun, and let’s just say it all ended with me singing the national anthem in a bar full of Americans. Hahahahaha.

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