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May 9, 2010

There’s a Pittsburgh bar down the street.

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I went on a family vacation to Salt Lake City / Park City in Utah last week. It was really beautiful there and our trip was very relaxing – we spent 4 days doing a bit of sightseeing and a lot of poker playing and hockey watching. We wanted to watch San Jose vs Red Wings, but they also showed Habs vs Pens so we watched those too.

My brother and I were rooting for the Wings and the Habs, though I did get a little obsessed with Joe Pavelski after he scored 2 goals in a row for the 3rd straight game. At least in those couple games I saw, that guy was taking credible shots every time his stick touched the puck! It was unbelievable. I’m now also obsessed with Halak. He’s my new hero. I mean yes, Pittsburgh has a great goalie, but Wikipedia tells me their goalie was drafted first in the NHL the year he started. Obviously you expect results there. Halak? Dude was 271st! My brother had the best analogy – he reminds us of Goran, a wildcard who came out of nowhere to win Wimbledon.

Anyway, there was another Habs vs Pens game yesterday, and I decided to walk by a sports bar in my area as the game was starting. I’ve walked by that bar several times – it’s on Columbus near Vallejo, so I walk by there at least twice a day – on my way to work and back. I’ve noticed that it’s a hockey bar, and often pause on the sidewalk to watch little snippets of whatever game’s playing. Most sports bars around here only show baseball, football and basketball. Same in LA, at least to the places I’ve been. Some bars will have hockey playing in the tiny CRT TV in the corner but have other sports on the huge TVs.  If you want to go out and watch hockey, you have to go to a place you know will show it. Since I was kind of bored yesterday afternoon, I figured I’d go check out the scene there on my way to chinatown for grocieries.

So all this time, I thought that hockey bar on Columbus was just that – a hockey bar. Well guess what. I walked in yesterday afternoon and asked a guy sitting alone whether I could grab a seat. He said yes. Then I looked around. The place is a hardcore PITTSBURGH BAR!!!!

First of all:

1. I’m amazed to find out pittsburgh is the kind of place whose native sons would actually go out and set up hometown bars in other cities. Pittsburgh!? It’s an industrial town! Can you imagine finding a Hamilton bar in BC? A Kitchener bar in Newfoundland? No.

2. they had a multicultural staff! and their staff were all hardcore pittsburgh fans! Yes!

3. Beers were fairly priced, the bathroom was clean, and the TV placement was really optimized.

It’s a great bar! Obviously they cheered like crazy when the pens scored and most of them were wearing pittsburgh clothes. lol. I’m not sure I’d ever be fan enough to wear a giant hockey playing cartoon penguin on my chest.

Note – It seems fine to stop by sports bars alone during the day, but don’t worry, I’d never do it in the evening. Also, it’s not something I’d do often. Strickly a once every 2 years thing.


May 6, 2010


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My cubicle at work got moved to a really loud corner of the office. The up side is I get a window spot. Natural light!! Some of my coworkers told me it’s a step up, but I had window spots at CIBC and at PriceMetrix, so screw that. In fact, at CIBC, I had a corner spot with a view of Bay and Front. I used to watch snowflakes flurry across bay street, swirling against the windows of the RBC tower across the street.

Note – this post is titled Rain because I’m listening to that song right now.

Glass Half Empty

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Today, while walking to the office restroom, I was reminded of something my friend told me.

She told me that one year, she had a summer job at the park on Toronto Island. She was one of the people who helps run the little rides there.

Me – “That sounds so fun! Surrounded by ice cream, fennel cakes and happy kids all day!”

Friend – “It sucked. I had to help chubby kids get in and out of rides all day.”

May 1, 2010

Wading in

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It’s hard to blog these days.

I have 12 draft posts. Some have catchy titles like “NBC Olympic FAIL!” but no actual content. Yes, when I think back on the Olympics, I do remember quite a bit of frustration with the stupid NBC network. But I don’t remember any rant worthy issues, so i’m not sure what I was going to write about there. Other drafts have posts like “Taking chances”, indicating I was either feeling emo or had some human relations insights I wanted to share. That draft is particularly frustrating because it has one line: “I took the title of this post from this song <link to Abba’s Take a Chance on Me>”. What! Where was I going with that !? Then there are others where I started writing about places I visited, or things I did, but when I look at them now there’s not enough context for me to finish those original thoughts.

I can’t finish those drafts, but I can’t delete them either.

<I’m thinking. I’m at Oakland airport, waiting at Gate 23, using the free wifi. I love Oakland airport. Each gate has benches where you can plug in gadgets and sit and work on a laptop. It’s extremely civilized. Earlier I purchased a small coffee and a scone for $5 from a Peets outlet here. I finished the scone before I started working on this post. The coffee’s still hot and steaming next to me. mm. It’s fresh. There’s an old man next to me wearing a neck brace, typing away on a laptop. His cell phone just rang. He removed an old style flip phone (what! no smart phone! weird.) from his pocket and started talking to somebody. He has a coffee too. When he takes a sip, he has to tip his whole head and lean way back because the neck brace sits against his chin, preventing him from taking a sip in a normal way. I’m kind of worried he’s going to fall off the stool entirely. I just noticed there’s a hoochie mama in front of me. She’s wearing one of those “crotch dresses” (i.e. a dress that only and barely covers a girl’s crotch), 4 inch leopard print stilettos secured with an ankle strap, and carrying two Louis Vuitton bags. She’s been talking on a cell phone for like the last 20 minutes and taking sips from a Venti Starbucks beverage. Has this girl not heard of texting? I now notice she’s got acrylic nails that look kind of sharp. I don’t think you can text with nails like that. Makes sense now. I wonder if the LV bags are fake. She’s got her legs crossed. >

I’m done thinking.

I guess what I’ll do eventually is publish those drafts in one super-draft blog post.

Also, I’ve concluded that if one is to wear a dress that short, it’s best to keep the legs flat, next to each other. This leg crossing action just ends up revealing even more and making the look outright hoochie.

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